Prince Andrew’s Epstein Lies – the Historical Perspective

img_8824I almost blew my brain to pieces today digging through The Guardian archives for mentions of “Randy Andy” from between 1982 and 2007.

It seems I’m clearly a sucker for punishment but it’s a dirty job that someone has to do to expose the Duke of York’s lies.

After perusing the articles, a few things were apparent:

  1. Andrew’s “personality and lifestyle make him a disastrous choice” for his trade representative role. The media knew what constituted his “playboy lifestyle” back in the early 2000s
  2. Ghislaine Maxwell, aka #JizzStain, was “central to this reinvention” of Prince Andrew on the global elite social scene
  3. His offensive overtures to women started in high school when he grabbed their thighs under the dinner table
  4. One of his interests, besides golf and models, was “nubile women.” Again, they all knew what he was really doing in the early 2000s – abusing teenage girls
  5. Another hobby of his is “dirty jokes.” This conjures up some terrible and all too predictable imagery. I’m more than certain Prince Andrew uses humour to degrade women
  6. The royal family was upset by a Jeffrey Archer book that referenced some sausages and a Prince Andrew puppet 
  7. The royals have a long history of visiting Tramp Nightclub, so Prince Andrew probably knows where the bar is.

Here are the best bits (aka Lisa has the receipts):

Note mention of a Prince Andrew in puppet form

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