A “friend” of Prince Andrew tells why the Duke of York isn’t cooperating with lawyers in the Epstein case

Prince Pervert’s crisis communication people are earning their retainers during the latest eruption of the Epstein scandal.

We all know that the Duke of York has no friends, except weirdo Fergie, because he is an alleged pedophile. So it makes no sense that anyone would speak out on his behalf. Plus he’s a reported harasser of females, is boorish & stupid.

This guy is so offensive no-one wanted to go to his 60th birthday party, so Fergie had to invite Mohammed al Fayed, Dodi’s dad (not true but would love it if it was).

So it has to be Prince Andrew’s crisis and issues manager talking to the press on his behalf.

According to the palace rag known as “The Telegraph”, “a friend” of Prince Andrew says his lack of cooperation with the authorities over Epstein case is deliberate.

— Read more www.laineygossip.com/a-friend-of-prince-andrew-tells-the-telegraph-andrews-lack-of-cooperation-with-authorities-over-epstein-case/66181/amp

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