Six Reasons Why Love Defeats Evil in the Epstein Case

44fc18e6-f7c5-4629-8cfb-44a30b4983d5They can weaponise the legal system, “suicide” Epstein, manipulate the media, & threaten survivors but the women who were abused are striking back.

Their weapon is love; something Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein, Prince Andrew, Les Wexner et al cannot fathom.

So how is love rocking the deep state’s pitch forks?

1. The survivors are bonding and it’s a powerful sight. Virginia Roberts is organising a fundraiser for Maria Farmer, the first to report Epstein, Wexner and Maxwell . They are also circulating a petition to remove Eileen Guggenheim, an arts administrator, from her post at The New York Academy of Art. Survivors have always had their own voices but together they are amplifying their stories. There’s power in numbers.

2. Maria Farmer is using her amazing artistic talent to spear these bad actors. She is also painting for the first time in 20 years. That’s beautiful.

3. Bradley Edwards, a Florida lawyer, always believed the survivors and has fought to get them justice for almost 20 years.

4. Bobby Capucci from The Jeffrey Epstein Show has broadcasted about this conspiracy for more than 200 days, sometimes multiple times every 24 hours. He does it from his own studio and on his own time to spread the word about the Epstein conspiracy. He delivers a vital independent media source.

5. Reasonable people (ie not Alan Dershowitz) believe the survivors. They are finally being heard after a quarter of a century.

6. Ghislaine Maxwell is in hiding, Prince Andrew is a social outcast and others (Sarah Kellen, Lesley Groff and Wexner) are facing renewed scrutiny. It’s uncertain time for these coconspirators due to love, courage and resilience of the women who have told their stories. 

The sisterhood is beyond powerful when it takes on a cause. The cliche says that love will find a way but in this case it certainly has trumped the forces of evil. 



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