Jeffrey Epstein Chef Adam Perry Lang’s Easy Ride on Joe Rogan Show

Jeffrey Epstein chefSo you have the Jeffrey Epstein chef on your high-rating podcast & what do you ask?

Well if you are Joe Rogan, you will ask Adam Perry Lang, absolutely nothing about his dead pedophile boss.

Barbecued meat is more important than abused kids on The Joe Rogan Show.

It seems there’s another rule for the podcaster’s mates.

Mr Perry Lang worked for Epstein from 1999 to 2002 but claims he knew nothing of his crimes. But like so many people, including two presidents, he had no idea what the child abuser was up to.

The Jeffrey Epstein Chef

The chef was supposedly just grilling fish and grinding up rocks for visitors.

Epstein survivor Virginia Roberts Giuffre said yesterday she had asked the chef for help to bring to light the Epstein offenders.

But Perry Lang, who is Jimmy Kimmel’s BFF, refuses to help, according to Ms Roberts Giuffre.

The chef now runs a fancy restaurant (named after himself) in Los Angeles and another in Orange County but he won’t sit down for lunch with Virginia.

We’d love to hear why this man refuses to assist victims of sex trafficking, as alleged by Ms Roberts Giuffre.

What kind of man is the Jeffrey Epstein chef Adam Perry Lang?

But Joe Rogan only asked the chef about meat, which is strange because the podcaster is very outspoken about Epstein.

Can’t you talk about meat and Jeffrey Epstein?

So we’ve decided to send Adam Perry Lang some feedback via TripAdvisor. Here’s our review of his restaurant (pictured).

You can do so too. To review Adam Perry Lang’s APL restaurant just click here. It’s social justice in action. Karma on the march.

As for Adam Perry Lang, deal with it,

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Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein’s former girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell charged with sex trafficking

Maxwell is facing new charges, including trafficking of a minor, in the latest development in the Epstein scandal, which has again thrown her name into the spotlight.

US Federal prosecutors charge that the former girlfriend of Jeffrey Epstein recruited and groomed a 14-year-old girl to have sexual relations with him as recently as 2004.

She faces the new charges in connection with the Jeffrey Epstein scandal which could land her more than 30 years in prison.  

The Manhattan District Attorney’s office announced on Wednesday Ms. Maxwell has been charged with “sex trafficking” and “promoting prostitution.” The two counts were added to six previously-filed charges against her.

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