The Snake Pit: The New York Mansion

Listen to The Snakepit Episode 5 here.

THE Herbert N. Straus House, also known as 9 East 71st Street was Jeffrey Epstein’s New York base. It wasn’t the only building he owned, he had many, but this was were he lived.

sp.exterior pic

Look at the size of those doors, and look what the FBI did to them! Ouch!

sp.doors close up

The January 1996 Times piece about the house. This was the first reference that I could find of Epstein having access or owning the mansion.

sp.1996 The Times piece

Sadly I couldn’t find any photos of the lead-lined James Bond style bunker bathroom under the stairs but I did find some choice interior shots.



Is that the Pope with Epstein and JizzStain?

SP.Bill clinton portrait

The painting of Clinton which was prominently displayed. 


The tiger, and below is said to be a shot of his office. It’s well, yeah, a bit, hmmmmm.

sp.boobie pic

Can I see a leopard print cushion on his throne? Odds on that’s a JizzStain interior decor touch.

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