2015 Receipts: Prince Andrew admits being ‘foolish’ after claims he slept with teenage sex slave – Mirror Online

From the vault. Thanks to Mr Cat on Twitter for finding this gem.

The Duke of York denies all allegations he slept with then 17-year-old Virginia Roberts three times.

A source close to the royal (aka Fergie or staff) said: “It would be crass and disingenuous to suggest he has been unaffected by this.

“Even though the friendship with Jeffrey Epstein was acknowledged as being unwise in 2011, the Duke has had a long time this week for the consequences of that friendship to further sink in. More than ever, he can see how foolish it was.”

Prince Andrew didn’t look or sound regretful about Epstein in 2019.

Plus the article mentions his contentious Swiss ski chalet, which is part owned by Fergie.

The article said:

“The prince, 54, is holed up in the Royal Lodge in Windsor Great Park, Berks, after returning a week ago from a skiing trip in Switzerland with ex-wife Sarah Ferguson.

— Read on www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/prince-andrew-admits-being-foolish-4961541

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