Sarah Ferguson Prince Andrew: the ex-wife the Duchess of York aka Fergie.

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Sarah Ferguson Prince Andrew: The Duchess of York plays a significant role in this Epstein saga.

Not only is she the royal’s biggest cheerleader, she was also friendly with Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell.

At one point, she even visited Epstein’s New York mansion and met Epstein’s jet on a tarmac with her two daughters, Royal princesses, in tow.

In 2011, not long after Prince Andrew was photographed talking to Epstein in New York’s Central Park, it emerged Ferguson received money from Epstein to pay off a debt she owed her former assistant.

This was her response at the time:

“I personally, on behalf of myself, deeply regret that Jeffrey Epstein became involved in any way with me,” Ferguson told The Evening Standard.

“I abhor paedophilia and any sexual abuse of children and know that this was a gigantic error of judgement on my behalf. I am just so contrite I cannot say.

Whenever I can, I will repay the money and will have nothing ever to do with Jeffrey Epstein ever again.”

According to The NY Daily News, Ferguson had joked  joked with ABC’s Diane Sawyer in 1996 that the marriage floundered as she watched videos while Andrew “had 27 concubines.”

Fast forward to 2021, and Prince Andrew was reportedly hiding out from process servers by staying behind the walls of his royal family estate.

What was he was doing there, and how this will affect his status with Queen Elizabeth? Why do they still live together at Royal Lodge, near Windsor?

The Duchess remains his most outspoken supporter. The Mills and Boon writer had this to say about him in 2019. 

“Andrew is a true and real gentleman and is stoically steadfast to not only his duty but also his kindness and goodness of always seeing the best in people.

I am deeply supportive and proud of this giant of a principled man, that dares to put his shoulder to the wind and stands firm with his sense of honour and truth. For so many years he has gone about his duties for Great Britain and The Monarch.

It is time for Andrew to stand firm now, and that he has, and I am with him every step of the way and that is my honour. We have always walked tall and strong, he for me and me for him.”

I don’t know how to respond to that. So I shall say nothing.

Transcript from the podcast:

April 2020: Hello, my name is Lisa. Today we have a review Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York’s advice book, What I Know Now.

I’d like to thank the listener who paid 10 c for this in a charity shop.

That’s a sacrifice for the common good.

Sarah Ferguson Prince Andrew
Yes this was an actual quote from Fergie circa 1996
Sarah Ferguson Prince Andrew
Would you have sex with a goat or Fergie?

Sarah Ferguson Prince Andrew’s ex-wife

But goat jokes aside, Sarah – she’s not amusing.

In my opinion, she has been enabling a child abuser for years and is doing so now.

Fergie knows it and we now see how (in my opinion) pathetic and immoral it has become.

Sarah Ferguson Prince Andrew: the ex-wife

IMO The Duchess is along for the royal gravy train and doesn’t care what she has to do or say to bail Prince Andrew out of trouble. Even if it makes her look insane.

Exhibit A:

She stakes out poor women at Weight Watchers. She has no self-awareness.

Sarah Ferguson Prince Andrew

Fergie writes without irony about how busy she is during the day.

And Prince Andrew again! We all know by now that his communication skills are in the toilet. But no! Sarah thinks he is gifted!

  • She’s just like Andrew, she has no self-awareness, in my opinion.And she assaulted a laptop because she didn’t understand the e-Mail option. lol

Sarah Ferguson Prince Andrew: the saga, the strange house mates

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