Prince Andrew’s ex-wife the Duchess of York aka Fergie.

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Prince Andrew’s ex-wife: Today we have a review Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York’s advice book, What I Know Now.

I’d like to thank the listener who paid 10 c for this in a charity shop.

That’s a sacrifice for the common good.

Would you have sex with a goat or Fergie?

Prince Andrew’s ex-wife

But goat jokes aside, Sarah – she’s not amusing.

In my opinion, she has been enabling a child abuser for years and is doing so now.

Fergie knows it and we now see how (in my opinion) pathetic and immoral it has become.

Prince Andrew’s ex-wife

IMO The Duchess is along for the royal gravy train and doesn’t care what she has to do or say to bail Prince Andrew out of trouble. Even if it makes her look insane. Exhibit A:

She stakes out poor women at Weight Watchers. She has no self-awareness.

Fergie writes without irony about how busy she is during the day.

And Prince Andrew again! We all know by now that his communication skills are in the toilet. But no! Sarah thinks he is gifted!

She’s just like Andrew, she has no self-awareness.And she assaulted a laptop because she didn’t understand the e-Mail option.

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