The making of ‘Prince Charmless’: New Prince Andrew biography paints unflattering portrait – NZ Herald

Biographer Nigel Cawthorne asks how the past ‘Prince Charming’ got where he is today.

Back in the 1980s, the poster boy for the monarchy was a young man who rivalled Princess Diana in the popularity stakes. At his public appearances, girls screamed and even fainted — it was Beatlemania all over again, according to one commentator.

Month after month, there were gushing tributes to Prince Andrew’s “movie-star looks”, his straightforwardness, his enviable self-confidence. On top of all that, he was viewed as a military hero who had put his life on the line for his country.

Yet now, according to recent polls, Andrew is unquestionably the least popular member of the Royal Family. His now-notorious Newsnight interview with Emily Maitlis — in which he defended his friendship with the American paedophile Jeffrey Epstein and failed to express sympathy for the multi-millionaire’s victims — has led to much mockery and disbelief. Corporate sponsors have deserted him. Charities no longer clamour for his patronage. Even the Queen, Andrew’s greatest supporter, bowed to the inevitable: she told him he’d be losing his £249,000 taxpayer-funded salary and could now appear in public only at family events.
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