Prince Andrew Buys Entire Trench Coat Line: Meghan Markel’s Diary

Satire A very manly woman reading a spy book has given our Prince and the Pervert Podcast exclusive access to the Duchess of Sussex’s royal diaries.

According to the former Hollywood actress, Prince Andrew was fashion-forward and bought out the entire 2016 Burberry trenchcoat range.

“He told Harry they were to be worn while gardening but the duke never gardens,” she wrote.

“I’ve only seen him outside the palace for netball games. He loves the sport.”

Staff also reported Prince Andrew spent many of his evenings at Buckingham Palace looking for cameras.

“He told the butler he needed the cameras for his ex-wife, so she could take them to the pawnbrokers for cash,” the Duchess said.

“The royal staff noticed he would work up quite a sweat looking for the items, which was strange because he has a “peculiar medical condition where he doesn’t sweat.”

The duke would also hoard Pizza Express vouchers.

“It’s just not anywhere he would normally go to in his travelling clothes,” the Duchess noted.

More to come.

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