11 Shocking Moments From Netflix’s Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich – including one that’s wrong!

11 Shocking Moments From Netflix’s Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich | E! News Australia

The report says:starting with commentary from Vicky Ward, the journalist tasked in 2003 with writing a profile of Epstein for Vanity Fair that she soon realized was shaping up to be more than a society story, only to be thwarted by her own editor-in-chief.”

Wrong.Wrong. Wrong. She thwarted the story, says an Epstein survivor

Maria Farmer said Ward had allegedly revealed to the sex offender’s henchwoman, Ghislaine Maxwell, that she and her sister, Annie, had complained about the crimes to the FBI.

The sisters then received death threats and Maria Farmer spent years in hiding due to alleged stalking by Maxwell.

Ms Farmer, the first person to report the Epstein crimes, claims she was also allegedly “harassed” recently by Vicky Ward.

She added she had to send cease and desist warning to the reporter, who was trying to get the artist to submit to another interview.

But Ms Farmer refused due to the nature of Ward’s friendly relationship with Maxwell and the fact her abuse story was cut from the first piece.

The journalist was photographed with Epstein’s coconspirator after the screw up during Ward’s Vanity Fair report. This photo was taken while Epstein was in jail.

The reporter had also allegedly “schooled” Ms Farmer on Instagram and reportedly chastised the survivor for rudeness.

“It’s all just a game to her,” she said of Ward.

Her family was told Ward wanted a statement about the Epstein criminal operation.

Vicky Ward and Ghislaine Maxwell were together on the social scene after Maria Farmer and Annie Farmer told her about Maxwell and Epstein’s abuse and criminality.

Maria said: “I had to run from one hillbilly town to another while Ward lived in luxury. “

— Read on www.google.com.au/amp/s/m.eonline.com/au/amp/news/1154556/jeffrey-epstein-accusers-tell-their-story-in-netflix-s-filthy-rich-11-jaw-dropping-moments

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