Jeffrey Epstein Filthy Rich Review – Slash Film

Slash Says: If you ever needed proof that the ultra-rich play by a different set of rules, you need look no further than the story of Jeffrey Epstein.

The billionaire spent years sexually abusing underage girls, and even after he was caught, he still managed to keep getting away with it. 

Lisa Bryant‘s emotionally draining docuseries Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich seeks to explain how this happened – how Epstein continued to thrive while rubbing elbows with the rich and powerful.

But more important than that, it seeks to give voice to Epstein’s victims, and show them for the survivors they are.

Epstein had an almost preternatural gift for manipulating people and bending them to his will, but as Filthy Rich underscores, again and again, that ability wouldn’t have been so destructive if Epstein hadn’t been so, well, filthy rich.

With his staggering wealth, Epstein was able to essentially buy his victims into his service by offering them things – full college payments, exotic trips, introductions into high society circles.

He had money to burn, and he did, all in the name of satisfying his own horrible urges. Many of his victims were girls from broken homes, desperate to get out of their current situation.

Epstein’s home on the wealthy Palm Beach Island was just a short trip across a bridge. On the other side of that bridge was West Palm, a lower-class area full of trailer parks.

It was as if Epstein was some malevolent force able to extend his reach across that bridge, over that body of water, and pull the girls of West Palm to the wealthy Palm Beach Island. And into his grasp.
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