Jen hit play on Discovery’s Who Killed Jeffrey Epstein

Read her live review here

Let’s see how this goes! #Epstein 

Oh Bill Mersey ex inmate says there’s rats everywhere …. 
Dramatic music, sets the scene back to Bob – theguards we’re freaking out. 

Jail people, timeline keeps going along.
Now at the mansion and they have blurred it the nipple in the beautiful Dutch-French painting behind his desk.Seriously!? A nipple will be one of the least offensive things tonight. 

Oh I want those doors btw, my house is tall enough. And older than the mansion btw.

Diamonds!!! They found diamonds. We duh easy currency. An Austrian passport. 

Ohh nice selection of mennon the screen now. Gates Trump Clinton and Prince of Punkarses.
‘They all knew’ 
More mysterious music 

Oh now taking about parties in private homes ‘talking about 15ft ficus hedges you can’t see behind’.

Mmmm I have a hedge like that @lisapodcasts I do enjoy my privacy but not for those reasons! 

Oh and then or private place isname, Trumps Florida place. Pics of him with celebs.

Ooh there’s @SHoffenberg ‘the richest of the richest lifestyle’ says Hoff describing the homes. 

Now over to the enigma of the man.
Smart, good with numbers, but most of the big Wall St investors didn’t know who he was.

Only the billionaires 

Where’d the money come from, was it blackmail funding a lifestyle 

Back in time we go, blue oceans and clear skies of Florida, back to the mid 2000s

Lawyers for victims telling the basics. Vanity Fair reporter who co-wrote with Patterson explains the plea deal.

13 months ‘this was a travest if justice thtneoe could not imagine’ THISTHISTHIS 

Back to 2019, 
Pleads not guilty and says the Florida plea deal his airtight and he can’t be charged Found ‘clinging to life’ soon after pronounced dead. But not explained if dead in jail on route or in hospital 
Panic panic – how did a millionaire die in jail!

Back to Bill – he suicide watch Epstein.

Unlike the other talking heads (no offence meant btw) he isn’t suited up. His voice is gruff, he has a beanie on his head. 

Ohhh the fact he’d been in the sex business (in the cells for tax fraud and running girls) was too Epstein’s liking.

Nothing remarkable about him. He didn’t strike me as distressed. 

Taken off watch then hisbunkmate was released on August 9. 

Guards are showing online no checks, guards being blamed.

Camera malfunction….. ohhhhh ‘a convenient time’

‘Fodder for conspiracy theories galore’ 

Defender attorney for Epstein, David Schoen broking from the suit look with a sweater, but still a tie.

Giving that every man look standing with his hands casually in his pants pockets 

‘He was upbeat lambing to fight the case to clear his name.’

Acknowledges no absolutes but doesn’t believe he took his own life ……… 

And here’s Lisa Bloom.
SighBut swoop back to 2005 to the start with a step mum calling cops 
Kid caught with $ after a school cat fight, admits finally to going to see a rich man.

14yo Jane Doe 1. You hear her muffled tapes voice. 

Traces her experience cutting between police interview and experts. 

The routine (yuck) of the massage room.

Purple vibrator oh hell. 

She was in shock. 

She describes the photos.

She doesn’t know his last name. 

And back to 66, how he was brought up.

skipped 3rd and 8th grade. Smart but no qualifications.

Back to Florida – trash pull to see what they had, sex toys, phone messages and a purple vibrator the same thing Jane Doe reported.

Notepads some in code. JLB messages! Russian girls 

Epstein knows and flex’s muscles. Knows the girl has talked. Threatens the gal.

Poor thing. She’s 14ffs

The late great Joe! Details his work on the case.

‘A predator hunts for the weakest’ 

1979s Dalton school

Barr’s father Donald ‘likely’ hired Epstein 74.

Wooed dazzled parents, PSD, off to walk street. 
Stock options tax strategy.

81 insider trading investigation, he leaves. 86 broke and the he meets Hoff! 

Hoffenberg – 9 years with Epstein. His dream was to be rich.

‘He had the ability to get under the skin to become the best friend of anybody that he targeted’

Dynamic personality 

Late 1980s the pyramid years.

Or ponzi scheme.

Towers had rapid success, gets looked at, so Hoff gets prosecuted but Epstein is gone, vanishes from the prosecution. 

‘He stole 17million all documented’ Hoff got the jail time. Epstein walked 

How does he manipulate himself out of trouble.

Forward to sept 05 – 18yo busted with weed, tries to lessen her trouble with a story about a local paedo she was one of the girls. Jane Doe 3 was 16 when she started. 


‘One of the slaves he has live with him, and when I say slaves, likenone of the girls that he bought to, like, have sex with him’

Hearing her voice and seeing her, filmed from behind, thisbis a child talking about sex slaves! 

JD3 said no intercourse – and here we go @lisapodcasts 

“He has some sort of birth defect on his thing”
“I don’t know what it is”
“It’s really weirdly shaped”

Egg shaped. Similar stories. 

— Read on

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