Is Anyone Lying in Jeffrey Epstein Filthy Rich?

I asked my criminologist friend to analyse footage from Filthy Rich concerning statements by survivor Virginia Roberts Giuffre & lawyer Alan Dershowitz.

To start, she says Dershowitz is hard to read.

But as the lawyer continues speaking, his lips are pursed and he swallows “which is a sign of fear.”

When he challenges Virginia to publicly to repeat the claims, it is clearly a legal threat, she adds.

But Dershowitz’s language isn’t contracting, another sign of deception, according to the criminologist.

“Normally it would be “I didn’t have sex with her/Virginia”, but when people say things like I DID NOT instead of I didn’t, they’re being deliberate and formal to convince of their innocence,” she said.

He’s removing himself by saying she’s “a underage person” and not using Virginia’s name.

Dershowitz also tries to use convincing language, she adds.

“He is following up his claims by saying things that make him look moral,” she said.

“I have never had sex with anyone underage – even as an underage boy,” she says.

“This is convincing language and is designed to convince of his moral character.”

Dershowitz also uses a very common deception technique.

He distances himself by not using her name – “I did not have sex with an underage person.”

“I did not have sexual relations with that woman.”

Virginia, on the other hand, has “very credible body language.”

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