New Images of Epstein’s Little St James Island

Jen found these photos from the late ‘90s of Little St James Island before it was owned by Jeffrey Epstein.

During this time, it was rented partly to holidaymakers.

We’ve also just received some more information about the island and it will be discussed in our next podcast.

This was all yours from $3000 USD-a-night

The blurb from Dick Zebo Caribbean says: “Crowning the private island retreat of Little St. James is a magnificent vacation villa where coral stone walls, sweeping arches and gothic columns frame 360 view of aquamarine waters.”

It was priced at $3000 USD-a-night for two people, which included all meals and on-site staff.

Inside the island’s main house

“Richly decorated, spacious interiors boast fine European antique furnishings. Inviting lounge areas and floor-to-ceiling louvered doors open to patios fringed with colorful tropical gardens, backdropped by the sea,” the website reads.

Guests could “explore the island, snorkel along your private shores or take a boat ride to nearby islands of St. Thomas, St. John or Jost Van Dyke.”

The property was sold in 1999 to Jeffrey Epstein by venture capitalist Arch Cummin.

The dead pedophile bought the larger St James Island in 2016 but this was not owned by the Cummin family.

More on Tuesday’s episode of The Prince and the Pervert Podcast.


  1. Puke island Residents of his! Let’s Rank them in vomit order! It’s what they deserve.

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