Inside Epstein’s Manhattan Mansion – The Snake Pit

THE Herbert N. Straus House, also known as 9 East 71st Street was Jeffrey Epstein’s New York base. It wasn’t the only building he owned, he had many, but this was were he lived.

So what was behind those famous double doors? 

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The Snake Pit: The New York Mansion

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THE Herbert N. Straus House, also known as 9 East 71st Street was Jeffrey Epstein’s New York base. It wasn’t the only building he owned, he had many, but this was were he lived.

sp.exterior pic

Look at the size of those doors, and look what the FBI did to them! Ouch!

sp.doors close up

The January 1996 Times piece about the house. This was the first reference that I could find of Epstein having access or owning the mansion.

sp.1996 The Times piece

Sadly I couldn’t find any photos of the lead-lined James Bond style bunker bathroom under the stairs but I did find some choice interior shots.



Is that the Pope with Epstein and JizzStain?

SP.Bill clinton portrait

The painting of Clinton which was prominently displayed. 


The tiger, and below is said to be a shot of his office. It’s well, yeah, a bit, hmmmmm.

sp.boobie pic

Can I see a leopard print cushion on his throne? Odds on that’s a JizzStain interior decor touch.

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Sarah Kellen Vickers – The Internet Has Receipts

This website serves as a record of information about the Epstein case and we will blast coconspirators.

That’s the thing about receipts, they always have a sting in the tail.


Sarah Kellen/Bonk/Kensington/Vickers, is NASCAR arm candy and an alleged Jehovah’s Witness cast-out. She was an important link in the Epstein criminal enterprise as a core recruiter. 

The dead pedophile’s staff told the court she was second-in-charge to the notorious Ghislaine Maxwell aka #JizzStain.



Vickers also spent many hours with Epstein when he was in jail, more than almost anyone else, except her flatmate and BFF Story Cowles (pictured with Kellen above.)

So what did she talk about with Epstein? What does she know? We probably won’t know because she pleaded the fifth amendment.

This was probably because she couldn’t find anyone to back up her story about not being one of Epstein’s chief recruiters of young girls to abuse.

The $250,000 was believed to have been sent to Kellen

Sarah Kellen/Kensington/Vickers is accused of recruiting and scheduling up to six sessions a day in the Palm Beach mansion in the early 2000s. She allegedly  prepared the oils and the lotions in the rooms where the sex abuse occurred. She was born into the Jehovah’s Witness community and married at 17. Sarah was extremely vulnerable, struggling financially after she was cast out of her family. The early marriage, religious cult problem, plus low education levels.

There have been some big allegations against Kellen. During a testimony in a defamation court case, a butler, Renaldo Rizzo, who worked for billionaires Eva Dubin and Glenn Dubin, alleged:

“She (a 15-year-old girl) just lets it rip, and what she told me was unbelievable,” Rizzo testified. “She proceeded to tell my wife and I… ‘I was on the island and there was Ghislaine, and there was Sarah (Kellen),’ and she said, ‘They asked me for sex. I said no.’”

Rizzo later clarified, “She didn’t specify who asked for sex. She said they asked for sex.” 

Rizzo testified that when she refused to have sex, Kellen took her phone and passport and gave them to Maxwell.

“And at that point, she said she was threatened,” Rizzo testified. 

So here’s a reminder for you, Sarah, via Twitter: source is

Six Reasons Why Love Defeats Evil in the Epstein Case

44fc18e6-f7c5-4629-8cfb-44a30b4983d5They can weaponise the legal system, “suicide” Epstein, manipulate the media, & threaten survivors but the women who were abused are striking back.

Their weapon is love; something Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein, Prince Andrew, Les Wexner et al cannot fathom.

So how is love rocking the deep state’s pitch forks?

1. The survivors are bonding and it’s a powerful sight. Virginia Roberts is organising a fundraiser for Maria Farmer, the first to report Epstein, Wexner and Maxwell . They are also circulating a petition to remove Eileen Guggenheim, an arts administrator, from her post at The New York Academy of Art. Survivors have always had their own voices but together they are amplifying their stories. There’s power in numbers.

2. Maria Farmer is using her amazing artistic talent to spear these bad actors. She is also painting for the first time in 20 years. That’s beautiful.

3. Bradley Edwards, a Florida lawyer, always believed the survivors and has fought to get them justice for almost 20 years.

4. Bobby Capucci from The Jeffrey Epstein Show has broadcasted about this conspiracy for more than 200 days, sometimes multiple times every 24 hours. He does it from his own studio and on his own time to spread the word about the Epstein conspiracy. He delivers a vital independent media source.

5. Reasonable people (ie not Alan Dershowitz) believe the survivors. They are finally being heard after a quarter of a century.

6. Ghislaine Maxwell is in hiding, Prince Andrew is a social outcast and others (Sarah Kellen, Lesley Groff and Wexner) are facing renewed scrutiny. It’s uncertain time for these coconspirators due to love, courage and resilience of the women who have told their stories. 

The sisterhood is beyond powerful when it takes on a cause. The cliche says that love will find a way but in this case it certainly has trumped the forces of evil. 



A “friend” of Prince Andrew tells why the Duke of York isn’t cooperating with lawyers in the Epstein case

Prince Pervert’s crisis communication people are earning their retainers during the latest eruption of the Epstein scandal.

We all know that the Duke of York has no friends, except weirdo Fergie, because he is an alleged pedophile. So it makes no sense that anyone would speak out on his behalf. Plus he’s a reported harasser of females, is boorish & stupid.

This guy is so offensive no-one wanted to go to his 60th birthday party, so Fergie had to invite Mohammed al Fayed, Dodi’s dad (not true but would love it if it was).

So it has to be Prince Andrew’s crisis and issues manager talking to the press on his behalf.

According to the palace rag known as “The Telegraph”, “a friend” of Prince Andrew says his lack of cooperation with the authorities over Epstein case is deliberate.

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Epstein Warrior Maria Farmer’s WIDE AWAKE Painting, “a snapshot of #Survivor #Hell”

Maria Farmer is known as @ArtisticWhistleBlower on Twitter and she published today this striking image.

WIDE AWAKE “is a snapshot of #Survivor #Hell, a tiny detail of a much larger picture (literally and otherwise),” according to Ms Farmer.

Recognise anyone? This artwork is truly incredible.

Note Dershowitz has no underwear on, as it should be.

You can donate towards Maria’s cancer treatment here.
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Epstein Survivor: Clinton Disappeared into Epstein Island Cabana with Two Girls

We all suspected Bill Clinton was filth & today Epstein survivor Virginia Roberts Giuffre confirmed it.

Clinton was on Epstein’s private jet more than 20 times & it wasn’t to avoid queues at the airport.

It was for the girls and Epstein had them in abundance for Clinton.

What a sick freak.

In the red circle, is Ghislaine Maxwell aka #JizzStain at Chelsea Clinton’s wedding.

Human trafficker and child sex abuser at your wedding, nice one, Chelsea.

My current mood (below):

Those Clintons are abominable.

Epstein News: Names! Names! Names!

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It’s a day of reckoning for the elites. We are here to talk names, names, names, specifically those in the leaked documents from the Virginia Roberts v Ghislaine Maxwell defamation case.

And what a paper drop it was! We are shocked that the polarising lawyer Alan Dershowitz and Prince Andrew were mentioned. Well, no, we aren’t. There’s a few politicians, a Miss Sweden and a fair sprinkling of hedge fund managers. Plus the billionaire Les Wexner.

Plus Prince Andrew has turned down three interview requests, according to VR lawyer. Plus Lisa did a Randy Andy deep dive (because she’s obviously insane.)

Prince Andrew has turned down three requests to be interviewed in relation to the Epstein case.

David Boies, a lawyer who represents more than a dozen of Jeffrey Epstein victims, claimed Andrew has ‘not been prepared to co-operate’.”

Plus more about Prince Andrew’s alleged other pervert mate, Peter Nygard.

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