The Duchess of Debt

Prince Andrew’s etc Sarah Ferguson now knows she did the wrong thing in accepting money in 2010 from a convicted child abuser.

But did you know she met that same pedophile, Jeffrey Epstein, with her young daughters in tow? on the tarmac of a Caribbean island airport?

And she stayed with her daughters with another accused child sex abuser and Prince Andrew was along for the ride too.

She’s been enabling the Duke of York’s terrible behaviour and that of his pedophile friends for a long time.

Why does she do this? Is it for money or for acceptance?

There was a period a decade ago when Fergie was desperately trying to avoid bankruptcy.

So who did she turn to?

Prince Andrew & Jeffrey Epstein, who was just out of a Florida jail cell.

Her story about avoiding bankruptcy has been spun to make Andrew look like a hero, when, in fact, all he did was ask Epstein, a pedophile, for $24,000 USD.

Did he ask the child sex abuser for the money during their infamous Central Park walk? Was the subject something else?

If I was to guess, I’d think they might have been talking about Prince Andrew’s expired VIDEO Ezy card.

Sarah has been enabling Andrew for years. She knows it and we now see how pathetic she has become over the years.

The Duchess is along for the royal gravy train and doesn’t care what she has to do or say to bail Prince Andrew out of trouble. Even if it makes her look insane.

There is more trouble is coming for Prince Andrew. Try and spin him out if this trouble this time, Fergie!

It’s time for you to shut the hell up or you will go down with the ship. Here are some #receipts.

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Prince Andrew’s Epstein Lies – the Historical Perspective

img_8824I almost blew my brain to pieces today digging through The Guardian archives for mentions of “Randy Andy” from between 1982 and 2007.

It seems I’m clearly a sucker for punishment but it’s a dirty job that someone has to do to expose the Duke of York’s lies.

After perusing the articles, a few things were apparent:

  1. Andrew’s “personality and lifestyle make him a disastrous choice” for his trade representative role. The media knew what constituted his “playboy lifestyle” back in the early 2000s
  2. Ghislaine Maxwell, aka #JizzStain, was “central to this reinvention” of Prince Andrew on the global elite social scene
  3. His offensive overtures to women started in high school when he grabbed their thighs under the dinner table
  4. One of his interests, besides golf and models, was “nubile women.” Again, they all knew what he was really doing in the early 2000s – abusing teenage girls
  5. Another hobby of his is “dirty jokes.” This conjures up some terrible and all too predictable imagery. I’m more than certain Prince Andrew uses humour to degrade women
  6. The royal family was upset by a Jeffrey Archer book that referenced some sausages and a Prince Andrew puppet 
  7. The royals have a long history of visiting Tramp Nightclub, so Prince Andrew probably knows where the bar is.

Here are the best bits (aka Lisa has the receipts):

Note mention of a Prince Andrew in puppet form

Updated: Prince Andrew ignores three formal requests to be interviewed | Daily Mail Online

Update: Prince Andrew has Fergie out briefing the media again. 

Here’s what “friends” told The Telegraph, the Royal family’s choice for sycophantic coverage.

“Repeated requests by US lawyers to interview the Duke of York over his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein are little more than “PR stunts” at his expense, a friend has claimed.

The Duke has been advised not to respond to such requests, they said.

David Boies, a lawyer who represents more than a dozen of Jeffrey Epstein victims, claimed Andrew has ‘not been prepared to co-operate’.”

But the victims’ lawyer gives the Duke of York some handy legal advice, which will probably go unheeded.

According to The Daily Mail, Andrew, who vehemently denies all claims of wrongdoing, has hired Clare Montgomery, one of the UK’s leading extradition lawyers. Her former clients include the Chilean military dictator Augusto Pinochet.

Asked about her appointment, Mr Boies said: ‘It’s not that I don’t appreciate why he wants to lawyer up – I do appreciate that. But if he could step back and look down the road and focus on what’s the endgame.

‘If I avoid extradition, do I really want to have this hanging over my head and my family’s head for the rest of my life? Do I want my epitaph to be I succeeded in escaping justice?’
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This royal is not Prince Andrew, ok?

Or is it?

BOMBSHELL: Harvard Admits Faculty Members Flew on Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘Lolita Express’ After Child Sex Conviction – Big League Politics

BOMBSHELL: Harvard Admits Faculty Members Flew on Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘Lolita Express’ After Child Sex Conviction – Big League Politics

Otherwise titled Everyone at Harvard Knew What Epstein was Doing.
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Crime Writer Shaun Attwood on Epstein & Maria Farmer

Watch the popular crime vlogger, Shaun
Attwood, talk Maria Farmer and Eileen Guggenheim here.

He also has two premiers out this weekend that feature Maria’s story. Amazing.

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Just in – Judge Accelerates Release of Jeffrey Epstein Documents | Law & Crime

In a move many thought would never happen, a federal judge in New York on Friday amended the protocol the court will follow in releasing a trove of documents concerning deceased pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. According to Law and Crime, “This will allow for documents that include the names of non-party individuals to be released on a rolling basis. The documents in question are part of a defamation dispute involving Epstein’s alleged coconspirator Ghislaine Maxwell and alleged victim Virginia Roberts Giuffre.”

Ms Roberts said today on Twitter:

Law and Crime added “though Giuffre’s defamation case against Maxwell ended in 2015, Giuffre’s attorneys have fought a protracted legal battle seeking to unseal documents initially filed under seal that may contain allegations against other public figures from Epstein’s infamous elite social circle.”

The non-parties include:

“(a) persons who produced or answered discovery based upon the representation or understanding that the discovery would be subject to the Protective Order previously issued in this action; (b) persons who are identified as having allegedly engaged in sexual acts with Plaintiff, or other alleged victims, or allegedly facilitated such acts; (c) persons whose intimate, sexual, or private conduct is described in the Sealed Materials; and (d) persons who are alleged to have been victimized”
The court will review the material in groups determined by the non-party individuals named in the documents, beginning with all documents mentioning “Doe #1” and “Doe #2.”
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Jeffrey Epstein, “Education Activist”, Backs the Prestigious New York Academy of Art


A donation from Jeffrey Epstein made to the New York Academy of Art, dated December 27, 2012.

The timing is important – they all knew “education activist” was a pedophile. They should have knew but they took Jeffrey Epstein’s dirty money.

There are zero excuses for directors Eileen Guggenheim and David Kratz. It’s time for them to go.

Here’s some “art” they featured at one of their fundraisers.

Is this art or very inappropriate?

Read more: PRNewswire — The Jeffrey Epstein VI Foundation has given crucial funding to the New York Academy of Art, one of the few graduate art schools in the United States.
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Survivor Maria Farmer Interview with Bobby Cappucci

Listen to “The Jeffrey Epstein show” on Spreaker.

In tonight’s episode we give the microphone to Maria Farmer and let her continue to tell her story. 

She touches on Eileen Guggenheim, The Wexner estate and much more. 

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Virginia Roberts starts GoFundMe page for fellow Jeffrey Epstein accuser Maria Farmer’s cancer | Daily Mail Online

Virginia Giuffre Roberts started a GoFundMe page for fellow Jeffrey Epstein accuser Maria Farmer who has Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and needs medical scans to determine what stage of the cancer she has.
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Please support Maria if you can, even sharing the link helps her through this tough time.

Thank you to Virginia for organising this GoFundMe. Love is more powerful than hate. Financial stress is the last thing Maria needs at this difficult time.