Epstein’s Assistant Sarah Kellen & foreign worker visa

Epstein’s Assistant: The alleged Epstein child recruiter, Sarah Kellen Vickers, applied for a foreign worker visa under the badge of her design company.

Mrs Kellen Vickers made the application under one of her aliases, Sarah Kensington.

Epstein’s Assistant

The request for her design company SLK Designs was granted by the government (see below).

The US H1B visa is designed for temporary workers in certain occupations.

According to US Citizenship and Immigration, the visa is for holders to perform “specific services.”

Was it part of Epstein’s immigration rort

“Typically, companies file for individuals to come to the U.S. to perform services in a specialty occupations; these positions normally require bachelor’s degrees (or higher) in a specialty field,” it said on its website.

Mrs Kellen Vickers used an apartment owned by Epstein’s brother, Mark, as her business address.

So why did she need a temporary visa for her interior design company ?

Epstein’s Assistant
Kellen with Epstein 2012.

Epstein’s Assistant
The Other Women in Epstein’s Life

Sarah Kellen Ghislaine Maxwell’s alleged lieutenant, known also as Sara Kensington, claims she was abused by Jeffrey Epstein, and may also be stating she’s a victim of cult abuse.

In a few short years, Sarah Kellen went from being a teen bride to flying in Jeffrey Epstein’s jet with Bill Clinton.

We found new information concerning Kellen, the woman described as an Epstein coconspirator. It came to us via her husband’s website.

On our podcast, we explore how Epstein got away with it. Pluswhy so many people complicit

Epstein’s Assistant

• Learn the real story of Jeffrey Epstein and his connections
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It’s the story of a decades long global criminal conspiracy, plus we present the Latest Ghislaine Maxwell News.

The Epstein Girls Who Worked For the Sicko Billionaire

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Epstein Girls: Today we are talking on the podcast  about the other women who were associated with dead pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

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The two of us analyse Ghislaine Maxwell’s crew with podcaster Bobby Capucci.

The Jeffrey Epstein Show host joins us live from Las Vegas to discuss:

  1. Lesley Groff
  2. Sarah Kellen Vickers
  3. The British Aristocrat
  4. Emmy Tayler

The Epstein Girls Everything You  Need to Know

The Jeffrey Epstein Coconspirators  Enabling a Predator

The pedophile billionaire did not act alone because he had at hand a team full of females known as the Epstein women.

There was a team of females who enabled his nefarious desires.

Find out more about the Epstein girls and women in this post and the below podcasts and video.

There’s also more talk about Epstein’s coconspirator Ghislaine Maxwell and Prince Andrew. It’s all happening!

Some people involved in the Epstein case may be getting very nervous. Has someone rolled to help the authorities?

Looking for the letter about the aristocrat? Click here.

“They were careless people,” writes F. Scott Fitzgerald of two of The Great Gatsby’s other characters, Tom and Daisy. “They smashed up things and creatures and then retreated back into their money or their vast carelessness or whatever it was that kept them together, and let other people clean up the mess they had made.”

Who was Epstein’s one true love? It wasn’t Ghislaine.

Epstein Girls

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The Society Hostess & Jeffrey Epstein: Countess of Iveagh

Clare Hazell, now believed to be known as Countess of Iveagh, aka Clare Guinness, is listed in the Epstein black books and on flight manifests.

The aristocrat is the estranged wife of the Earl of Iveagh, Ned Guinness, who is one of the richest people in the UK.

The farming baron is also a descendant of the family which built the Irish beer brewing dynasty.

Here they are (below) in happier times at their home in Suffolk (source: Dominic Bradbury).

Countess of Iveagh

There’s a Clare Hazell in the Epstein flight logs who travelled on the dead sex offender’s jets more than 30 times.

That, however, doesn’t mean she was involved in the sex trafficking. We make no such allegation.
Countess of Iveagh

“She denies wrongdoing,” an Attorney representing survivors, Josh Schiller, told the Sunday Mirror.

He added: “I can confirm that we have already asked to interview her.”

Mr Schiller represents victims including Virginia Guiffre— whose claims are central to the scandal engulfing the Queen’s son, Prince Andrew.

A Clare Hazell was said to have been friendly with Ghislaine Maxwell in the early 2000s. 

The Countess Iveagh has also been the subject of lurid and, to date, unproven allegations by a survivor’s sister, Maria Farmer.

So what have we found out about Clare Hazell Iveagh?

It’s said she met Earl Ned Iveagh Guinness at a dinner party and they married in the family chapel in 2000. At the time, she was said to have been writing a children’s cook book.

They have two two teen children together.

The Countess of Iveagh was until last year the chair of a child welfare organisation, the NSPCC.

Her association with the group spurned a letter-writing campaign asking for the Hazell who was associated with Epstein to be removed from the position.

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Brian Vickers Wife Sarah Kellen

Brian Vickers Wife Sarah Kellen

This is Sarah Kellen Vickers  (above right with her pervert boss Jeffrey Epstein), who now lives Miami with her husband, Brian Vickers, a former Nascar driver.

But who is Brian Vickers?

In an article that raised eyebrows throughout his sport, Vickers was described in Maxim in 2011 as partaking in a “relentless connoisseur’s pursuit of pussy in all its forms.”

Brian Vickers wife
Brian Vickers

Maxim reported: “The night is ending-or nearly. BV’s (Brian Vickers) crew wanders thirstily into the Hiro Ballroom. To a female companion, Vickers wonders aloud who the hottest chick in the room is, and they agree on a willowy blonde looking bored on the dance floor with a banker type.

“I’m going to go give her a ride,” Brian Vickers says. “Hell, what do I have to lose?”

Brian Vickers wife
Brian Vickers, cat-lover

At the time of the Maxim piece,  Brian Vickers was single and he stated the story was a stitch-up.

He married Sarah Kensington (as she was known) in 2013 in Wyoming. He has had investments in property in New York and a company which makes breast implants (see below).

He recently bought a $6million apartment in Miami, Florida. 

He says on his website they both support the innocence project charity because they’d both been accused of things they didn’t do, which I think is a peek into his soul.

More on Sarah Kellen Brian Vickers

The Prince and the Pervert Podcast examines the cases of Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell. We will cover everything from their arrests, to his trial, to his death.

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Brian Vickers Wife – the Shocking True Story

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Maxwell is facing new charges, including trafficking of a minor, in the latest development in the Epstein scandal, which has again thrown her name into the spotlight.

Ghislaine Maxwell – The woman at the center of the Jeffrey Epstein scandal.

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Les Wexner House: Jeffrey Epstein’s New York Mansion

“When asked how long Mr. Wexner had occupied the property, Jeffrey Epstein, his protege and one of his financial advisers, replied, “Les never spent more than two months there.” Christopher Mason

Les Wexner House: The Columbus-based businessman, Les Wexner, who started Victoria’s Secret, embarked in the 1990s on an interior makeover of the former schoolhouse.

The re-vamp of the home, which had been vacant for years, was featured in the December 1995 edition of Architectural Digest.

Les Wexner house

Source: Architectural Digest

Les Wexner house

Ummm there is a Picasso in the top photo in the Les Wexner house.

A real one. That’s some serious money. Who knew that clothing retail was so lucrative?!

A New York Times reporter, Christopher Mason, also wrote about the house around the time Epstein first took up residence.

Here’s some of what we wrote: “WHAT is the latest status symbol of the ultra rich? A spectacular residence they purchase for millions, reconfigure with the world’s leading architects and interior designers for even more millions, then elect not to live in.

Such is the fate of one of Manhattan’s largest town houses, a majestic stone mansion at 9 East 71st Street. Possessing some 21,000 square feet, the house was recently the uninhabited domain of Leslie H. Wexner, the founding chairman of the Limited Inc., the retailing company.

He bought the property in 1989 for $13.2 million and lavished tens of millions on renovations, art and furnishings.

When asked how long Mr. Wexner had occupied the property, Jeffrey Epstein, his protege and one of his financial advisers, replied, “Les never spent more than two months there.”

Those curious to see the princely accommodations Mr. Wexner abandoned housemneed look no further than the cover of last month’s Architectural Digest.

Visitors described a bathroom reminiscent of James Bond movies: hidden beneath a stairway, lined with lead to provide shelter from attack and supplied with closed-circuit television screens and a telephone, both concealed in a cabinet beneath the sink.

(The Les Wexner house) also has a heated sidewalk.

The seven-story house was built by the society architect Horace Trumbauer in 1933 for Herbert N. Straus, an heir to the Macy’s fortune, who died before it was completed. (Mr. Trumbauer also built Clarendon Court in Newport, R.I., the former home of Sunny and Claus von Bulow.) The Straus house later became a convalescent home and the Birch Wathen School, making Mr. Wexner the first private resident — or at least, the first private nonresident.”

Reached in Florida last week, Epstein confirmed the house was his home.”

The question remains – why was the Les Wexner House given to Jeffrey Epstein?

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Epstein’s Ranch

Lesley Groff

Ghislaine Maxwell