The Real Housewives of Jeffrey Epstein

July 5 2020: Tweets which allege a former real housewife star was allegedly hiding Ghislaine Maxwell are escalating as the star’s supermodel daughter weighs in.

Yolanda Hadid and her superstar daughter, Gigi, are emphatically denying the claims made by a Dutch data researcher and they say he has it all wrong. There’s no suggestion that Mrs Hadid knows of or participated in anything illegal.

The big data expert is alleging a former real housewives star was a confidante of Epstein coconspirator Maxwell and claimed the UK socialite may have stayed with her recently. Here’s how Henk Van Ess came to the conclusion.

Gigi is backing her mother, who has said emphatically that she has never met Ms Maxwell.

There’s some gossipy background as to why these rumours about Yolanda have sprouted. I’m going to let Tamara Tattles (a gossip blog but a good one) tell you what we’ve also heard:

“Is There A Connection Between Yolanda Hadid Foster and Ghislaine Maxwell?

Henk clearly seem to be implying that Ghislaine hid out on Yolanda’s Pennslyvania farm. He doesn’t seem to offer up any proof of this. But I must say I don’t find the allegations surprising at all. Yolanda and Mohammed (Hadid, her ex) often rented out yachts and staffed them with young women from Beverly Hills. For the record, that is not a crime. It’s more of a benefit to renting the yachts. Alledgedly. Also, as I recall the yachts were not registered to the US and the cruises were out of a variety of foreign ports.

That said a Tamara Tattles reader, sent me to this Twitter account in relation to Yolanda Hadid. Also as I was doing a bit of my own research, I stumbled across an article about David Foster’s new biography on Netflix. He was quoted saying he did not leave Yolanda Hadid Foster for her fake lyme disease. He stated he would never leave someone for being ill. But he will NEVER reveal the real reason he divorced her. Could it be that he is sheltering Gigi? He really seemed to love and adore those girls.”

Here is the video.

Updated: July 3, 2020. A big data expert is alleging a former real housewives star was a close confidante of Epstein coconspirator Ghislaine Maxwell and the UK socialite may have stayed with her recently.

Dutch academic and communications expert Henk Van Ess is making some big claims about Beverly Hills alumni, Yolanda Hadid.

One is Maxwell stayed recently at Hadid’s Pennsylvania farm.

Here are the claims made a few hours ago. There is no suggestion that Ms Hadid knew of or participated in child sex abuse.


Update: 4/7/2020 Some more detail from Henk Van Ess’ Twitter fleshing out the investigator’s work. He has analysed an array of Maxwell’s telecommunications data, such as cell phone pings and the ISP of her charity website.


This story is developing.

Updated: July 4, 2020: Here’s a picture of Denise Richards, the now Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star.

Ghislaine Maxwell Posing With Jessica Capshaw and Denise Richards. Jessica is apparently Stephen Spielberg’s step-daughter

Now to my previous work:

So it’s time we looked into links between the housewives and Epstein because the dead pedophile had tentacles everywhere. I will be sticking to the Bravo shows that I have watched because this task requires context.

So here are my shows:



3. The Ladies of London

4. Flipping Out (all will be revealed).

Disclaimer: I’m from Australia, so there will be links and context that I’ve missed. Please let me know and I can amend this post.

Plus just because someone knew/had a photo taken with/provided services to /flew on a plane with Epstein or his henchwoman Ghislaine Maxwell it doesn’t mean they committed a crime.

Princess Carole Radziwill aka “Oh Quiet, Radziwill!”

Circled in red: reads Ghislaine Maxwell. Epstein’s coconspirator took Carole’s author picture for What Remains (which was NOT ghostwritten)

Carole was friendly with Epstein’s she-monster Ghislaine Maxwell. The dead pedophile’s missing coconspirator took the author photo for Radziwill’s book What Remains (which was totally not ghostwritten, Aviva!)

Aviva has nothing to do with Jeffrey Epstein. I’ve just added this picture because she got under Radziwill’s skin and I loved it. Upon reflection, she was actually a very good housewife.

But as we know from Carole’s friendships on RHONY, she may have given the impression she was friends with Ghislaine but actually she wasn’t (as with Tinsley).


Is Radziwill wearing pantyhose with open-toed sandals?
This picture was taken at Ghislaine Maxwell’s home.

Carole is also listed in Epstein’s infamous “little black book.”

Fairytale Princess Tinsley Mortimer

This link is tenuous but the blonde in these photos (above) with Ghislaine Maxwell is the wife of one of Tinsley’s ex-in-laws. Her name is Gigi Mortimer.

Here she is (pictured below) on the day of Topper Mortimer’s (Tinsley’s ex) recent wedding.

Gigi’s husband was the best man. There are so many Mortimers I can’t work out what the precise relationship is between Topper and Avie.

Lady” Sonja Tremont Morgan

Again, this is the longest of long bows but the New York social scene may have seen Sonja and Ghislaine Maxwell meeting in the past at some point.

I’ve managed to find them both at the 2007 launch of Allegra Hicks’ boutique (the clothing retailer is a relation of Prince Andrew).



But whether they met that night is uncertain. I really have nothing here, so we should move on.

Queen Bethenny Frankel

Called out a Hollywood publicist, Peggy Siegel, for enabling Jeffrey Epstein.

Source: A Convenient Death, Alanna Goodman


“Goodbye” Kyle Richards

She’s the aunt of the Hilton sisters, Paris and Nicky, through her sister, Kathy, who is the girls’ mother.

The last time Ghislaine Maxwell was spotted in public was at a 2019 motor racing event attended by Paris Hilton.

(Circled) Ghislaine Maxwell

Her sister Nicky’s ex husband, Todd Meister, is also listed on Epstein’s little black book. The pedophile was a business associate of Todd’s father, Robert.

Nicky Hilton (left) and ex-husband Todd Meister

Caroline Stanbury

The Ladies of London star denied she ever dated Andrew & said she known him since she was a child.

It’s likely she blew off the Duke of York because he’s a total moron. She doesn’t need to be a Duchess because she is already a Queen.

Caprice Bourret

Prince Andrew pulled out an unusual courting technique for the former Ladies of London star – he invited her to his mother’s throne room.

A source said: “He took her to Buckingham Palace twice, and on one occasion she sat on the queen’s throne,” a source close to the model said.

“This means Caprice would have been admitted into the Throne Room, which prominently displays the throne, upholstered in crimson silk, that was made for the queen’s coronation in 1953, and another chair later made for her husband, Prince Philip.

Well that’s awkward because Andrew has a tendency to take visitors to the throne room.

As an American, she was thoroughly entertained at the notion he was a part of the royal family,” the friend told The Sun about the series of hush-hush dates Caprice and Andrew went on. “Plus all the secretive rendezvous, although unnecessary, were a great family dinner conversation point.”

Unfortunately for Andrew, Caprice, who also competed on the TV show “Dancing On Ice,” never reciprocated his romantic feelings and their dates were platonic. “She never fancied him” and ultimately “ghosted” him, the friend said.

Ghosted him – awesome.

Adela King

Her experience with Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell is so disturbing. This is exactly how people are entrapped into sex slavery.

Adela King, 45, alleged in an Instagram post that she had a lucky escape from the disgraced financier after she was once approached by Maxwell under the premise of doing some modelling work.

It was a very close call after meeting Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell.

“When I got to Claridges they called up to Epstein and announced my arrival so I got into the lift to his floor and as I was walking down the corridor two women came out of his suite and were obviously in a hurry and falling over themselves laughing one was Ghislaine … this didn’t sit right with me but I went ahead anyway.

“Epstein opened the door to his suite and sat down on his sofa and looked through my portfolio and then instructed me to pose in a degrading way and said he’d be in touch.”

She added: “A few days later I went to a friend’s birthday in the private room of a restaurant.

“Ghislainemaxwell walked in and when she saw me she was mortified she couldn’t believe I ran in the same circles as her.

“I told some friends at dinner about my encounter with her and Epstein and they told me she recruited women for threesomes with them both!

“I was in shock how I’d been so stupid! But I believe that dinner saved me from something far worse and thankfully I never heard from them again.”

Lea Black

I’ve never seen the Real Housewives of Miami but I’ve watched Lea Black on Flipping Out.

Her husband was one of Epstein’s lawyers but that doesn’t mean much because Epstein needed many, many attorneys.

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