Who marries a woman like Sarah Kellen, Epstein CoConspirator & Recruiter?

This is Sarah Kellen Vickers (above right with her pervert boss Jeffrey Epstein)

She now lives Miami with her husband, Brian, a former Nascar driver, who was forced out of racing by poor health.

But who is Brian Vickers?

Brian is the one with the tongue.

In an article that raised eyebrows throughout his sport, Vickers was described in Maxim in 2011 as partaking in a “relentless connoisseur’s pursuit of pussy in all its forms.” This is true because I never could have made something up that is so poetic but seedy as that magazine’s description. 

Maxim reported: “The night is ending-or nearly. BV’s (Brian Vickers) crew wanders thirstily into the Hiro Ballroom. To a female companion, Vickers wonders aloud who the hottest chick in the room is, and they agree on a willowy blonde looking bored on the dance floor with a banker type.

“I’m going to go give her a ride,” Vickers says. “Hell, what do I have to lose?”

Brian Vickers, cat-lover

At the time of the Maxim piece, Vickers was single and he stated the story was a stitch-up. It’s not damning because he was basically a young athlete who liked the company of dogs and women.

He married Sarah Kensington (as she was known) in 2013 in Wyoming. He has had investments in property in New York and a company which makes breast implants (see below).

He says on his website that they both support the innocence project charity because they’d both been accused of things they didn’t do, which I think is a peek into his soul.

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