What Do We Know About Jeffrey Epstein’s Paris Apartment?

Jeffrey Epstein trafficked girls across the globe and Paris was one of his favourite destinations.

He owned an €8million apartment on Avenue Foch in the fashionable 16th neighbourhood. The street runs on to the Champs Elysées Avenue in Paris, which is one of the most beautiful avenues in the world.

In fact, Epstein was arrested in 2019 at a New Jersey airport after he jetted into New York from Paris.

Epstein’s Franco-Brazilian butler told the Franceinfo news site the Paris apartment contained a specially built massage room to which “a great many women” had come. He added that he was not able to judge whether any of them were minors.

The employee known as Gabriel, confirmed Epstein brought women to Paris, that he paid, and was massaged” sometimes three or four-times-a-day.

He waited on a rotation of famous faces including Prince Andrew, Bill and Melinda Gates, as well as Steve Bannon, according to a report.

Source: FranceInfo

The butler also served the convicted pedophile’s celebrity guests during his 18-year career working for Epstein, FranceInfo reported.

“I served crowned heads, diplomats, businessmen and politicians,” he told the outlet.

Source: FranceInfo

Among the guests were former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak and Prince Andrew, who would crash several nights at the apartment while Epstein was out of town, according to FranceInfo.

The royal admitted in a widely-mocked interview that he “regretted” his friendship with Epstein.

Bill Gates also denied having a relationship with Epstein but Gabriel said his boss hosted the Microsoft billionaire and his wife Melinda Gates.

“Any allusion to a business or personal relationship between Jeffrey Epstein and Bill and Melinda Gates is totally false,” a rep for Gates told FranceInfo.

Epstein was still hosting famous guests at his Paris apartment last year. He said former White House chief strategist Bannon paid a visit in autumn 2018.

According to FranceInfo, the dead American pedophile had previously wanted more than one apartment in the ritzy building.

“In June 2002, he proposed 2.25 million euros to acquire in the same building an apartment located on the 1st floor, of almost 400m². A few months later, he is price was “doubled” by the tenants of the time. The American then does everything to cancel the sale. He goes to justice. But it was unsuccessful in 2007. The apartment on the first floor has since been bought by a prestigious neighbor: a sultan, a member of the Saudi royal family and a third fortune in Saudi Arabia,” it reported.

“Three or four massages a day”

So what happened behind the neoclassical facade of his building? Certainly it was more than croissants and espresso.

Google Earth view of Epstein’s Paris abode.

A craftsman who worked there between 2002 and 2005 claimed to have been “marked by the many photos of young girls in the apartment. They were arranged in frames, a bit like family photos. The girls seemed very young. Minors? Difficult to say. Not much more than 18 years anyway… Seeing the photos, we weren’t thinking about pedophilia, but it was borderline… “

Source FranceInfo

The butler’s wife confirms the existence of these photos but prefers to evoke ” artistic ” pictures, in particular a “magnificent naked and arched woman in the massage room.” Could this be of Ghislaine Maxwell.

Maxwell had a giant naked image of herself in the spa at Zorro Ranch, New Mexico.

VIP evenings, museums, swimming pool …

FranceInfo added Gabriel said: “On the flight registers, many female first names appear, as well as in Epstein’s “black notebook” , where a “Paris massage” column lists around thirty female first names. They stayed a few days in Paris before leaving…Some accompanied Epstein in social evenings in the capital.”

In each residence, employees “responsible for recruiting high school girls”

Jeffrey Epstein had great confidence in his employees, especially his Parisian butler. The latter claims that his boss called him to warn him of his arrest.

In 18 years of service, the employee claimed to have noticed nothing suspicious. Neither in Paris, nor in his other residences in New York and Palm Beach, where he trained Epstein’s in “French service”. But some doubt this version, said FranceInfo.

According to Bradley Edwards, American lawyer for several victims of Jeffrey Epstein, the latter _ “had in each of his residences employees, associates, whose only job was to recruit for him high school girls and young vulnerable women. messages to bring the girls.

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