Jeffrey Epstein News: the popcorn edition starring Prince Andrew

Listen to us here:

The US Justice Department fired another shot in the deep trench warfare that is the battle over Prince Andrew and his cooperation or lack thereof with American law enforcement.

Lisa is obsessed with a piece of real estate in Ghislaine’s street, which is being offered for short-term rent. We are hoping someone in the UK can knock on the door of 44 Kinnerton St, Belgravia or take a seat at the pub across the road and see if anyone comes out. But firstly be safe. Just in case Ghislaine is there but it’s not likely because she’s a vampire.

Plus thanks to the Palm Beach Post we have the character references Epstein provided from his lawyers to the prosecution in 2007. Here’s an example: “Finally, and most importantly, to those who work for him at every level, and to many of those ordinary citizens he has learned of, he has been an extraordinarily generous and understanding person, mentor, and friend.”

We apologise if we were extra ranty today. Lisa is off the chain.

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