Epstein’s Assistant Sarah Kellen & foreign worker visa

Epstein’s Assistant: The alleged Epstein child recruiter, Sarah Kellen Vickers, applied for a foreign worker visa under the badge of her design company.

Mrs Kellen Vickers made the application under one of her aliases, Sarah Kensington.

Epstein’s Assistant

The request for her design company SLK Designs was granted by the government (see below).

The US H1B visa is designed for temporary workers in certain occupations.

According to US Citizenship and Immigration, the visa is for holders to perform “specific services.”

Was it part of Epstein’s immigration rort

“Typically, companies file for individuals to come to the U.S. to perform services in a specialty occupations; these positions normally require bachelor’s degrees (or higher) in a specialty field,” it said on its website.

Mrs Kellen Vickers used an apartment owned by Epstein’s brother, Mark, as her business address.

So why did she need a temporary visa for her interior design company ?

Epstein’s Assistant
Kellen with Epstein 2012.

Epstein’s Assistant
The Other Women in Epstein’s Life

Sarah Kellen Ghislaine Maxwell’s alleged lieutenant, known also as Sara Kensington, claims she was abused by Jeffrey Epstein, and may also be stating she’s a victim of cult abuse.

In a few short years, Sarah Kellen went from being a teen bride to flying in Jeffrey Epstein’s jet with Bill Clinton.

We found new information concerning Kellen, the woman described as an Epstein coconspirator. It came to us via her husband’s website.

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Epstein’s Assistant

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