Bonus Episode: Mysterious Person Begs Judge to Restrict Epstein Papers

Listen to to the latest from the Prince and the Pervert Podcast

There’s more than just Epstein lawyer  Alan Dershowitz interested in documents from a 2015 Ghislaine Maxwell defamation case.

A secretive John Doe was today begging the court in New York to not issue documents from the case between a survivor and Epstein’s chief coconspirator, Maxwell.

So Lisa & Jen try to work out who this anonymous petitioner is (with no success).

Plus Harvard law’s Dershowitz claims he has some of the suppressed documents, which makes Lisa think, with no evidence, that he is Deep State. But seriously why does he have them? How did he get them?

Judge Loretta Preska also lost patience today with Dershowitz’s lawyer.

You are not alone there, Your Honour. We had to sift through the 81-year-old’s Tweets yesterday. They were diabolical.

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Please listen to this – we were up at 5am to accomodate for the time zone issue. 😂

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