Jeffrey Epstein Lawyer Goes Berserk on Twitter while World Awaits Record Dump

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Beware of an angry Epstein lawyer the day before the proposed release of thousands of court documents featuring himself and Ghislaine Maxwell.

Can you see Alan Dershowitz? Painting by Maria Farmer, survivor. Details below.

These records, if they come out, have the potential hurt a lot of people in Epstein’s sphere, such as Maxwell and Epstein counsel Alan Dershowitz. 

So Dershowitz took to Twitter today to attack survivor Virginia Roberts again-and-again. But why? Is it getting hot in here? We will be back tomorrow to report.

Plus who sacked the top legal eagle in the Epstein case and why? Also Jen trolls Prince Andrew’s ex-wife Sarah Ferguson.

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Dershowitz Pulls His Undies Over His Head in Attack on Epstein Survivor

Epstein lawyer Alan Dershowitz is attacking survivor Virginia Roberts on Twitter today in the lead up to an important court hearing.

Here are his tweets:

The constitutional lawyer claims Ms Roberts was never abused by him and he was falsely accused.

There’s a hearing tomorrow in New York where Ms Roberts and Mr Dershowitz will hear judges instructions about the release of thousands of legal documents.

The Truth Behind Bill Barr’s Bungled Sacking of Geoffrey Berman

The US Attorney-General’s perception of power is the motivation behind his screwed-up sacking of the Southern District of New York’s top lawyer.

Former Washington DC prosecutor Glenn
Kirschner says a new book by former Trump national security advisor John Bolton reveals Donald Trump’s potential interference in cases being handled by the U.S. Attorney’s office in New York, headed up by Berman.

President Trump and Bill Barr. Quote from Bradley Edward’s book Relentless Pursuit.

Kirschner says Bill Barr’s bungled sacking of Geoffrey Berman on Friday allowed the New York lawman to play the Attorney General.Want the full story? Watch the video below, it includes Turkish officials, dictators, former presidential pal Roger Stone, Deutsche Bank, Trump and more.

Watch here:

We interview Bill Barr after Berman steps down because AG backed off his unusual transition plan.

Just minutes ago, we had an exclusive interview with Bill Barr, US Attorney General. He is pictured below just moments after stepping out of his Death Star in Washington.

Read more: Thread by @KlasfeldReports: In a statement, BERMAN steps down with a note that he is only doing so because BARR backed off his highly unusual traon plan. Read more about the deputy taking over his post, whom he praises here:… Hou…
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Credit for the Vader description: Bobby Capucci.