Ghislaine Maxwell Court Documents Increase Pressure on Embattled Prince Andrew

There are claims today that Prince Andrew worked with Trump lawyer Alan Dershowitz to push through Jeffrey Epstein’s controversial no prosecution deal in Florida.

Law enforcement in the US is also likely to come under more pressure in the sex abuse case after documents issued late on Thursday (New York time) reveal the FBI had an infamous photo of the royal for many years.

The previously sealed documents were made public by a judge in New York. They are from a defamation case between survivor Virginia Roberts Giuffre and Ghislaine Maxwell, who is in jail awaiting trial for sex offences against children.

The non prosecution deal extended legal immunity in Florida to a broad group of Epstein‘s associates. It has been the subject of much criticism for its secrecy and scope.

The former US labour minister Alex Acosta was forced to resign for agreeing to the deal while he was state’s attorney in Florida.

The new papers allege Alan Dershowitz himself negotiated the Florida plea deal to protect Epstein associates and himself from sexual misconduct claims.

As well, a photo of the embattled royal and survivor Virginia Roberts Giuffre was in the hands of the FBI as early as 2011, according to documents from the civil case. There have been complaints about inaction by federal law enforcement in the Epstein case.

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Epstein email to GMax appears to be statement by Maxwell, except Epstein wrote it. The dead pedophile says she’s “done nothing wrong.”

New update. Just in

Adam Klasfeld on Twitter: “JE”‘s email to “GMax” — correspondence between Epstein and Maxwell, per court records — appears to read like a statement by Maxwell. Only Epstein wrote it.
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More: testimony of Jane Doe 3 (below pic one) followed by information from the Crime Victims Rights Act case (photo 2 below). Photo 3 allegations against Trump lawyer Alan Dershowitz.

Don’t Let Ghislaine Maxwell Name Victims, Feds Tell Judge

Don’t Let Ghislaine Maxwell Name Victims, Feds Tell Judge

Rossmiller said that both the Crime Victims’ Rights Act and ‘common decency’ should compel the judge to protect the victims’ privacy.   

He charged that the defense’s argument is based on their belief that some victims’ had gotten a ‘benefit’ by publicly identifying themselves previously.  

‘Beyond the offensive notion that victims of sexual abuse experience a “benefit” by making the incredibly difficult decision to share their experience publicly, the suggestion that victims who receive this supposed “benefit” should receive fewer protections than the law ordinarily offers to victims in criminal cases is alarming,’ he wrote. 
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