A History of the Photobombs of Ghislaine Maxwell

The billionaire Elon Musk was today blaming a Ghislaine Maxwell photobomb for the existence of a photo between the two.

Caption: Elon Musk claimed he was the victim of a Ghislaine photobomb.

The photo in question was taken at the 2014 Vanity Fair Oscars Party.

Musk blamed the organisers for the shot. He said on Twitter the magazine should have been more selective in choosing its party invitees. We have to agree.

Here is Ghislaine at the same event with editor Graydon Carter, the man who claimed Epstein might have killed his cat and left a bullet on his front doorstep. Why is he speaking to her (below)? We’d have her thrown out. The body language in this pic is interesting too.

What the actual?!?!

We can all agree Ghislaine is shameless, so we searched the internet for more evidence of photobombs.

The world needs this research.

Ghislaine has bombed from the side here.
Oh look! It’s Martha Stewart. What is the collective noun for two criminals? Too many?? 😂
A gratuitous over-the-shoulder photobomb executed by Ghislaine.
She’s so good at the shoulder charge, she could play rugby for the UK.
Finally I think Ghislaine is the victim of a photobomb here.

Send your Ghislaine Maxwell photobombs to us. We are sure there are more. It’s been a huge week for us & we need to get off Getty images.

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