Ghislaine Maxwell Elon Musk | Photobombing at the Oscars Truth

The colourful billionaire, Elon Musk, is crying “photobomb” about image of him and convicted child sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell.

Ghislaine Maxwell Elon Musk: The photo was taken at the 2014 Oscars Party where a Vanity Fair staffer alleges they overheard the socialite and billionaire talking aliens.

But Musk is publicly downplaying the significance of the image.

“She photo-bombed me once at a Vanity Fair party several years ago,” Musk tweeted in July 2020. “Real question is why VF invited her in the first place.”

The Truth About Ghislaine Maxwell Elon Musk

Meanwhile, Maxwell reportedly asked that night for Musk to “blowup the internet”. and queried “if there was way to remove oneself from the internet”. She reportedly encouraged Mr Musk to destroy [it].

But, the story seems slightly more complicated, according to a recent report from The New York Times. When the photograph was taken, Maxwell asked Musk if there was a way to delete information about oneself off the internet, the Times reported on Tuesday. Maxwell also told the Tesla CEO she wanted him to destroy the internet, a Vanity Fair worker who was standing next to the pair told The Times.

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Musk blamed the party organisers for the shot.

He said on Twitter that Vanity Fair magazine should have been more selective with its party invitees. We have to agree.

About the Ghislaine Maxwell Elon Musk Photobomb

Ghislaine Maxwell spent almost her entire life on the red carpet. But in an interesting turn of events, now no one in society wants to know her.

There is also a picture of her at the same event with former Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter.

He was the man who claimed Epstein might have killed his cat and left a bullet on his front doorstep.

Elon Musk Ghislaine Maxwell

Jeffrey Epstein Podcast img_0816 Ghislaine Maxwell Elon Musk |  Photobombing at the Oscars Truth
What the actual?!?! Yes

We can all agree Ghislaine is shameless, so we searched the internet for more evidence of potential photobombs. It was forthcoming!

The world needs this research and we are happy to oblige. She was constantly barging into red carpet events .

Ghislaine Maxwell Elon Musk

Jeffrey Epstein Podcast img_0814 Ghislaine Maxwell Elon Musk |  Photobombing at the Oscars Truth
Ghislaine has bombed from the side here. The man looks frightened.
Jeffrey Epstein Podcast img_0818 Ghislaine Maxwell Elon Musk |  Photobombing at the Oscars Truth
Oh look! It’s Martha Stewart. What is the collective noun for two criminals? Too many?? 😂
Jeffrey Epstein Podcast img_0819 Ghislaine Maxwell Elon Musk |  Photobombing at the Oscars Truth
A gratuitous over-the-shoulder photobomb executed by Ghislaine.
Brooke Shields, actress, is in white on the right.
Jeffrey Epstein Podcast img_0817 Ghislaine Maxwell Elon Musk |  Photobombing at the Oscars Truth
She’s so good at the shoulder charge, she could play rugby for the UK.
Jeffrey Epstein Podcast img_0815 Ghislaine Maxwell Elon Musk |  Photobombing at the Oscars Truth
Finally! I think Ghislaine is the victim of a photobomb here.

Elon Musk Ghislaine Maxwell
Send your Maxwell: the Socialite Era photobombs to us.

We are sure there are more but we need to get off Getty Images at some point.

Who is Sarah Kellen?

The Deposition Ghislaine Didn’t Want You to See

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