Live Show: Ghislaine Maxwell & Friends: Laura Goldman, Vicky Ward & Ariadne Calvo-Platero.

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Speaker Jim Rohn once said: “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with”. Today we are going to talk about two of Ghislaine Maxwell’s friends, so we get more of an insight into who the woman who was by Epstein’s side for decades.

So who are Laura Goldman and Ariadne Calvo-Platero?

Plus details on the Maxwell pal, CNN journalist Vicky Ward, who seems to be the Where’s Wally of the Epstein era pictures.

This is a live recording of our live Patreon VIP show. It’s a question and answer program on different software, so apologies if the sound is different and there are thinking and listening gaps.

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Top left Ariadne Calvo Platero & right Vicky Ward.

GM’s best friend shares a lot in common with her bestie.
1. Both their fathers were MPs
2. They were both in publishing
3. Their parents gave their kids weird names
4. Both fathers ended up broke
Hon. Ariadne Calvo Platero is the daughter of Timothy Wentworth Beaumont, Baron Beaumont of Whitley. She is married to Mario Calvo Platero, former editor of the prestigious Italian newspaper Il Sole 24, as well as a former British energy executive for several companies.
According to Page Six, She is part of a collection of women in white known as “The Tennis Girls,” – Perri Peltz, Peggy Siegal, Tory Burch, Cristina Cuomo, Jeanne Greenberg Rohatyn, Gigi Mortimer, Renee Rockefeller, Sara Ayres, Ariadne Calvo-Platero and Kitty Sherrill — are more fleet of foot. They play on summer weekends at Peltz’s Southampton home (with their own handsome pro, Marko, “The Croatian Sensation.”) They even have a rule: “You break it, you buy it,” which means if you cause injury with an aggressive ball, you pay for the surgery.

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