Nascar champ’s Wife Kellen Brian Vickers

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Kellen Brian Vickers: How does a girl cast out of her Jehovah’s Witness community end up on the arm of a NASCAR driver?

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Sarah Kellen Brian Vickers

After watching video-after-video of champion racer Brian Vickers, I still don’t have a full idea of how he came to marry Sarah Kellen.

But if you search inside the YouTube videos, there are some answers.

The main question I hear about these two is – why did he marry her? Well this article below reads as though the marriage is a true love match.

All I can think when I read this article is – where was Sarah going on that day in 2013? To meet Epstein again?

Kellen Brian Vickers

Now for some detail. It reads as though they met in 2011, as this article is dated 2013.

They have since both also lived in Miami for more than a decade.

Kellen Brian Vickers
Source: Tampa Bay Times

The two had their honeymoon in South East Asia (see below) after Brian stopped racing temporarily due to his life-threatening blood clots.

Kellen Brian Vickers

This next one is complicated – meet Sarah Kellen, the sweet wife. Very different to Sarah the recruiter.

Does she compartmentalise her life? How do you become a sweet wife after allegedly ruining the lives of children?

Kellen Brian Vickers

Sarah Kellen Brian Vickers

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Kellen Brian Vickers

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Epstein’s NASCAR Bride

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Kellen Brian Vickers

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