Sarah Kellen & Brian Vickers – a Look Into Their Relationship

How does a girl cast out of her Jehovah’s Witness community end up on the arm of a NASCAR driver?

After watching today video-after-video of champion racer Brian Vickers, I still don’t have a full idea of how he came to marry Sarah Kellen, Ghislaine Maxwell’s lieutenant & Jeffrey Epstein’s recruiter.

But if you search inside the YouTube videos, there are some answers.

The main question I hear about these two is – why did he marry her? Well this article below reads as though the marriage is a true love match.

All I can think when I read this article is – where was Sarah going on that day in 2013? To meet Epstein again?

Source: USA Today

Now for some detail. It reads as though they met in 2011, as this article is dated 2013. They have both also lived in Miami for more than a decade.

The two had their honeymoon in South East Asia (see below) after Brian stopped racing temporarily due to his life-threatening blood clots.

This next one is awkward – meet Sarah, the sweet wife. Very different to Sarah the recruiter. Does she compartmentalise her life? How do you become a sweet wife after ruining the lives of children?

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