Five Minutes with Alan Dershowitz

Professor Alan Dershowitz has been accused of sexually assaulting two females during the time he was associated with pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

He vehemently disputes the claims by Virginia Giuffre Roberts and Sarah Ransom, as you can see here on Fox News with Tucker Carlson.

After listening to this interview, we have a few questions for the Harvard Professor:

1. You weren’t the first to go to the FBI and the DOJ, it was Maria Farmer in 1996. What gave you the impression you were the first? What year was this?

2. If you didn’t negotiate the Florida immunity deal with Acosta, why were you secretly meeting him in hotel rooms and not at the DOJ?

3. Why is Sarah Ransome also accusing you of rape?

4. What kind of lawyer didn’t know his client is a pedophile, if half of New York society did? How is this possible?

5. Your story about the Epstein island has changed. Now your grandkids were there too along with your daughter?

6. How can you call Virginia Roberts a prostitute if she was trafficked? Is that the same for Sarah?

7. Why are you badgering a survivor who has cancer?

8. Can you guarantee that there will be no more accusations involving you, Epstein and Maxwell?

9. Does it bother you that people like your Martha’s Vineyard neighbours don’t want to be associated with you? Is unpopularity not something that bothers you?

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