Art School Under Fire For Epstein Links Has History of Flamboyant & Provocative Fundraising Stunts

This is a bold choice for an organisation under fire for victim shaming & enabling sex trafficking

The embattled New York Academy of Art asserts it never knew of pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s crimes when he attended three events after he left jail.

Epstein at the 2014 Tribeca Ball

Epstein can be seen in this video at the school’s 2014 Tribeca Ball. He was also personally greeted (see below) by the school’s chair Eileen Guggenheim at the 2014 Take Home a Nude event.

Epstein, centre, with academy chair, Eileen Guggenheim. The pedophile gave the organisation $30,000 in 2014.

Former student and Epstein survivor Maria Farmer claims Guggenheim trafficked her to Epstein and Maxwell’s New Mexico ranch. The academy denies this and commissioned a report on the allegations, which exonerated Guggenheim but was condemned as victim shaming.

Interesting clothing choice for the promotional models at the 2016 Take Home a Nude Event
More semi-nudity at the 2014 Tribeca Ball

The Tribeca Balls are unusually star-studded affairs. At the 2014 event, actor Alan Cumming attended, along with Mischa Nono, the fashion designer and friend of Meghan Markle.

Alan Cumming at the event
Mischa Nono

The 2014 Take Home a Nude event also attracted a few big names who might not have been impressed to be in a room with Jeffrey Epstein.

Actress Brooke Shields and academy director David Kratz
Actress Mary-Kate Olson with David Kratz
We will never be invited to any of these events. 😂

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