The Art College & the Sex Offender’s $30,000

See recently uncovered footage of Epstein at the academy’s Tribeca Ball.

Update: Four people on the board have resigned from the New York Academy of Art due to “shame.” The school issues a “profound apology” to a former student, who was the subject of a report from its lawyers, which was deemed as victim shaming.

Update: the academy has responded to us about the money saying: “The $30k was for student scholarships, and NYAA recently decided an equal amount to a charity that assists survivors of sexual abuse.”

An art school accused of enabling Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell accepted in 2014 a $30,000 donation from the dead pedophile.

The New York Academy of Art has a long association with Epstein.

Tainted money and tainted donations are matters of controversy in the non profit world. Was Epstein trying to whitewash his criminal record through this support?

Here’s a press release he put out in 2012 about his support of the academy.

Jeffrey Epstein with Academy chair Eileen Guggenheim at the 2014 Bring Home A Nude event.

The academy denies any wrongdoing and says it regrets letting Epstein attend three events in 2012 and 2014.

Epstein survivor Maria Farmer said she believed the academy and her then-Dean Eileen Guggenheim enabled Maxwell and Epstein in their abuse of her and her sister, Annie.

The academy last month issued a report from its lawyers which cleared it & Guggenheim of wrongdoing but it was criticised for victim-shaming. In July, it upped its ante against Annie and Maria Farmer, who accused them of attempting to “curry favor” with Maxwell and Epstein for years.

Recently uncovered video of Epstein at the academy’s 2014 Tribeca Ball

“Since Epstein’s arrest nearly one 12 months in the past, now we have watched as different establishments with ties to Epstein have engaged in vital self-examination to do an accounting of how their organizations benefited from the predator he was,” Annie stated.

“In sharp distinction, the Academy has gone right into a bunker and sought to guard itself slightly than exploring the necessary questions and points to guard their college students shifting ahead … The Academy is retreating to the drained and insupportable act of sufferer blaming, and it’s flawed at many ranges.”

More: listen to our podcast about Maria Farmer’s allegations

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