Was Epstein Secretary A Back Door for Secret Political Donations?

Why would a personal assistant from a Republican foothold in Connecticut donate $2600 to a Democrat congresswoman who represents the US Virgin Islands?

Jeffrey Epstein’s secretary Lesley Taylor Groff did just that in 2014 when she handed over $2600 to Representative Stacey Plaskett. This is the politician who faced media heat about returning her Jeffrey Epstein donations.

Plaskett told CNBC last year; “My litmus test for accepting campaign contributions has been based on whether the donor’s money was made legally or by ill-gotten means and that the contributor will not ask of me or my Congressional office for any special favors. All my contributions have passed that test. In this case however, I am uncomfortable having received money from someone who has been accused of these egregious actions multiple times,” said Plaskett, who represents the U.S. Virgin Islands in the House as a delegate.

By 2014, Epstein was toxic due to his jail stint and subsequent donations.

Lesley Taylor Groff has been accused many times in civil court cases of playing a crucial role in Epstein’s sex trafficking operation.

She has also been listed as one of Epstein’s coconspirators on papers from the controversial immunity deal struck before Epstein went to jail in Florida.

In a statement sent to TheWrap, Groff’s attorney Michael Bachner denied she had engaged in any misconduct when she worked for Epstein.

“As an executive assistant to Epstein, Lesley worked as part of a professional staff that included in-house attorneys, accountants, an office manager and other office staff,” he said.

Jeffrey Epstein wasn’t the only one in his sphere who donated to politicians.

One thing we know about this case is it is also about politics – the politics of gender, the politics of income and the politicisation of the justice system.

Thanks to Open Secrets we found records of political donations made by:

  • Ghislaine Maxwell
  • Sarah Kellen
  • Lesley Groff
  • Brian Vickers (Sarah’s husband)
  • Daniel Groff (Lesley’s husband)
  • Eileen Guggenheim
Was the 2007 donation made while Lesley worked for Epstein?

These donations could mean nothing. They might lead to some insights. We don’t allege anything inappropriate here but this blog is a record of the Epstein case.

They could mean nothing or everything.

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