The Many Unanswered Questions Left Behind By Jeffrey Epstein

Today is the first anniversary of the death of America’s most notorious pedophile, billionaire Jeffrey Epstein.

There are so many questions unanswered by his death in a New York jail cell on August 10, 2019.

So we are going to put some out there for the record because this case has a long way to go.

Names. Names. Names

1. What really happened the night Epstein died?

2. Why was Bill Barr, the son of Epstein’s employer, the only one to see the “suicide” video?

3. Are the charges against the guards, who were “asleep”, designed to get them to shut up and restrict information because it’s before the court?

5. How could someone like Epstein die in custody?

4. Why was Epstein allowed to monopolise the interview room at the jail? Do you have video? What was discussed?

6. Should we accept Bill Barr’s version of Epstein’s death?

7. What was behind Jeffrey Berman’s sacking? Really behind it? Did it force the hand of the government in the arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell?

8. Where did Epstein’s money come from? What about Deutsche Bank or JPMorgan? Were they involved in money laundering? Who else? Barclays?

9. Why is Darren Indyke, as executor of the Epstein estate, not handing over all documents to the court? What does he have to hide?

8. What does Glenn Dubin know about money laundering and sex trafficking?

9. What the hell is psychologically wrong with Eva and Glenn Dubin? Were their children harmed by Epstein?

10. Should Eva Dubin still have her medical licence?

11. Alan Dershowitz has two women claiming he raped them, are there more?

12. If he was such a great lawyer, why did he have no idea that Epstein was a pedophile? Was that non-prosecution deal designed to protect Dershowitz by Dershowitz?

13. Is Ghislaine going to roll over as state’s witness? How’s her mental state in isolation? Does she know about the money laundering?

14. How much money did Epstein really give Fergie and Prince Andrew?

15. What do Ghislaine’s emails to Andrew say in full? Are there more girls with allegations against him?

16. Are there videos? Where are they? Who has them?

17. Who is Ghislaine’s husband?

18. Whose money is in her accounts?

19. Who is next?

20. Is it Sarah Kellen, Lesley Groff, Clare Hazell Iveagh, Emmy Tayler, Shelley Lewis, Adriana Ross, Story Cowles, Nadia Marinco or someone we know nothing about?

21. What does Les Wexner know and will we ever find out?

To be continued, obviously, as this story is never finished.

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