Ghislaine Maxwell Demands New Digs with Computer Plus Dershowitz Drags In Les Wexner

The news today is huge! Ghislaine’s lawyers have written to the court asking for her to be released from solitary confinement, have 8 hours a day out of her cell and a computer to read thousands of documents for her criminal case. What else did we learn? You…will…die…

And what does Paris Hilton have to do with it?? Apparently something & it’s disturbing.

Plus the head of the snake has emerged. Who is the head of the snake? Les Wexner.

We’ve also watched Surviving Jeffrey Epstein episode 1 and we are going to review it for your listening pleasure. Plus: more on the victims of crime act fight.

Links Wexner Drags Dershovitz

Ghislaine Complains About Her New Digs

Victims of Crime Act Appeal

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