Outrage as Art School Apologises for Victim Blaming an Epstein Survivor It Has Never Contacted

The New York Academy of Art is apologising to an Epstein survivor for a victim-blaming report it issued the day before Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested.

But the subject of the document’s defamatory allegations, Maria Farmer, says they haven’t apologised directly to her.

The school is now backing away from the report which blamed Maria Farmer for Epstein’s assault of her sister, Annie.

But the subject of the attack, Ms Farmer, the first survivor to report the sex trafficking operation to the FBI, says no one from the academy has directly spoken to her.

The art school issued yesterday “a profound apology” after four board members resigned due to the attack on the whistleblower.

At the centre of the allegations is board chair Eileen Guggenheim. There is no word on the future of her position

Below is Ms Farmer’s response today to the news that board members have resigned in disgust due to the report.

The apology has been met with condemnation on social media.

The school’s alumni is also up in arms about the content of the publication authored by its legal firm. Four board directors have resigned in disgust.

According to ArtNews: “… three members of the academy’s board—Ippolita Rostagno, Alina Lundry, and Valerie Cooper—resigned en masse. Two weeks earlier, the actress Naomi Watts also resigned from the board. Their decisions were a result of the school’s handling of Farmer’s allegations, according to an alum.”

It was hoped the report, issued one day before Ghislaine Maxwell’s arrest, would “close the book on this issue,” as academy president David Kratz had said he hoped when it was first released.

Instead it has blown up in the academy’s face.

In the bizarre statement, the academy dismissed the complaints by Farmer against the board’s chair, Eileen Guggenheim.

This was despite the fact the academy’s Eileen Guggenheim introduced Ms Farmer to Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell.

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