Bonus podcast: Art School Apologises for Dirt File on Epstein Survivor

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The New York Academy of Art is apologising publicly to an Epstein survivor for issuing victim-blaming attack.

But the survivor, Maria Farmer, says no-one has spoken directly with her to apologise for a report which blamed her for Epstein assaulting her sister.

Listen to our podcast about the report

The school is now backing away from the report which blamed Maria Farmer for Epstein’s assault of her sister, Annie.

Ms Farmer, the first to report the Epstein sex abuse and trafficking operation to the FBI, was in July the subject of a vicious attack by the academy’s lawyers.

Following resignation of four art school directors , the organisation issued in August “a profound apology.”

At the centre of the allegations is board chair Eileen Guggenheim. There is no word on the future of her position.

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