Billionaire Hosted Maxwell and Epstein on Sydney Harbour Cruise

Update: survivor Virginia Roberts has shared with us what Jeffrey Epstein told her about his alleged Lindsay Fox visit to Australia:

Who Was Jeffrey Epstein img_3749 Billionaire Hosted Maxwell and Epstein on Sydney Harbour Cruise

Lindsay Fox Epstein: The family behind the Australian trucking empire once hosted Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein during a visit to Australia, according to a news report.

It was claimed Epstein and Maxwell were treated to a Sydney harbour cruise on the Fox company’s 100ft yacht.

This was during a NSW leg of their December 1995 trip, according to The Sydney Morning Herald archive.
But when asked in 2020 about the report, Mr Lindsay Fox said he’d checked his diary and was in Hawaii.

Lindsay Fox Epstein

Who Was Jeffrey Epstein img_0430 Billionaire Hosted Maxwell and Epstein on Sydney Harbour Cruise
Source: The Sydney Morning Herald

In the article, the party was described as: “one of the most coveted Christmas invitations in Sydney. This may have something to do with the guests of honour.”

Lindsay Fox Epstein

The two New Yorkers supposedly stopped off in Melbourne to spend more time with patriarch Lindsay Fox and his family at their home.

In the article, it describes “millionaire” Epstein as: “a property developer, who is given to zipping around Manhattan in a Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit.”

His then-girlfriend is “the beautiful, feisty daughter of the late disgraced media baron Robert Maxwell.”

Back on the 1995 trip to Australia, a source supposedly questioned the wisdom of taking Ghislaine on a cruise, as her father was found drowned near his yacht.

“You can’t visit Sydney and not go out on the harbour – it’s like going to Paris and avoiding the Eiffel Tower,” a source said.

The guest list included the disgraced financier Rodney Adler, billionaire James Packer and singer Demi Hines

Did Jeffrey Epstein visit Lindsay Fox?