It’s like shooting fish in a barrel looking for pictures of Epstein & Maxwell at The New York Academy of Art

Epstein and Maxwell were enthusiastic supporters of student art if their appearances at The New York Academy of Art are any indication.

As well, Epstein was on the board of the school from 1987 to 1994, but there’s nothing to see here, as the academy tells us.

So here’s another photo of Ghislaine Maxwell (above) at The New York Academy of Art.

Next we have a photo (see below) from The Daily News circa 1997 with Ghislaine again at the academy. We think she just likes art.

The next time we see Ghislaine at the New York Academy of Art is in print in this undated piece in Woman’s Wear Daily.

The evening was “was nearly bursting at the seams”, as Eileen Guggenheim put it during the TriBeCa art school’s Tribeca Ball.

The evening’s theme was a tribute to artists and their muses, with guests like Andre Balazs, John McEnroe, Kim Heirston, Marjorie Gubelmann and Ghislaine Maxwell walking through four floors of galleries to watch academy students sketching nude models and bidding on a lithograph taken from a watercolor by the Prince of Wales. 

Poor Brooke Shields, who is on the board of trustees of the art academy, has been caught up in one of Ghislaine’s infamous photobombs. We are not sure if this was at an academy event or elsewhere.

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  1. Brenda Shad, the woman on the left, was also listed in the Black Book of Epstein/Maxwell (as many of the the entries seem to be Maxwell’s initially)

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