The New York Academy of Art, the Mystery Donor & Jeffrey Epstein

New information from the New York Academy of Art throws more light over the school’s refusal to heed calls for its board chairperson, Eileen Guggenheim, to resign due to her links to pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

The school is steadfast in its support of Mrs Guggenheim, a top donor, longtime supporter and former employee of the academy. Mrs Guggenheim and her husband razor blade heir Russell Wilkinson donated in 2016 $1million to the academy for renovations.

According to the school’s annual report for that year, the couple also donated an additional $100,000.

Also of note is an anonymous supporter who is matching all donations of up to $1million to the renovation fund.

Epstein survivor Maria Farmer alleged her former dean of school & now head of the board, Mrs Guggenheim, was alleged to have trafficked students to the pedophile’s New Mexico ranch, a claim the academic disputes.

Ms Farmer and another former art student visited Jeffrey Epstein’s ranch with Guggenheim in the ‘90s said they were pressured to play games that involved “sexual objects” with Epstein and his accused co-conspirator, Ghislaine Maxwell.

The survivor, the first to report the Epstein sex abuse and trafficking operation to the FBI, was in July the subject of a vicious attack by the academy’s lawyers. They claimed she was the cause of her sister’s assault by Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell.

The report said the survivor “ignored this and the many other red flags, which would have suggested to a reasonable person that introducing her 15-year-old sister to Epstein might end badly.”

Following resignation of four art school directors , the organisation issued in August “a profound apology.”

At the centre of the allegations is Mrs Guggenheim.

The academy apologised in August for a victim-blaming report it issued about Ms Farmer on the day before Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested.

But Ms Farmer says they haven’t apologised directly to her. 

The academy in July asked Guggenheim to retain her position as chair of the board of trustees.

In July, President David Kratz said to ArtNews: “It is time for the school to close the book on this issue,” he says. (Editor’s note: Not bloody likely, mate.)

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