Questions Remain Over Epstein & Art School

The New York Academy of Art has a long association with the dead pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

The abuser was on the board of trustees from 1987 to 1994 and turned up at three events at the academy after he was released from jail in Florida around 2011.

Tainted money and donors with dubious intentions are matters of controversy in the non-profit world. 

Was Epstein trying to whitewash his criminal record & rebrand himself as a patron of the arts? Did he want to engage with more students? Buy more art? 

It is an irrefutable fact Epstein made one substantial donation to the academy in 2014.

According to the academy’s lawyer earlier this month: “The $30,000 (in 2014) was for student scholarships. We decided an equal amount to a charity that assists survivors of sexual abuse.”

A representative for the school said in 2019 it had noted only one donation from Epstein. 

The 2014 donation was noted as a “special stipend”, used for scholarships and split three ways.

But there’s an identical amount from the academy’s 2012 tax records, which is also a “special stipend” & split three ways. 

The academy will not comment on this & offered us off-the-record information, which we chose not to accept because we don’t do deals with publicists. Our first obligation is to our audience.

The insistence on no comment did not allow us to clear up the nature of the 2012 donation.

So we have persisted with information that remains in the public domain. 

We were intrigued because of the similarities between the two donations, which were in years Epstein attended academy events.

Here are the donations:

The academy vigorously denies any wrongdoing and these donations could be coincidental.

Since last year, the art school has been brawling with an academy graduate, Maria Farmer, who is an Epstein survivor.

Ms Farmer believed the academy and her then-Dean Dr Eileen Guggenheim enabled Maxwell and Epstein in their abuse of her and her sister, Annie.

The academy is struggling to find its place in the post #metoo era. 

It was criticised for issuing a “victim blaming” report against Ms Farmer. Four of its directors resigned due to what they believe was the sexist nature of the report, which was issued by lawyers to examine the former student’s allegations.

The report, issued by Guggenheim’s former lawyers, said: “Yet she (Ms Farmer) ignored this and the many other red flags, which would have suggested to a reasonable person that introducing her 15-year-old sister to Epstein might end badly. Unfortunately, it did.”

Ms Guggenheim has a long association with the academy, is chair of the board of trustees and is one of its biggest donors. Her husband Russell Wilkinson also sits on the board.

She told ArtNews earlier this month:

Are we on the set of Mad Men? Is that Don Draper with an old fashioned? Is it Maria’s fault again? 

Last week, we took the position of asking for some extra accountability from the private art academy. It has tax-free status and, therefore, needs to be open and transparent. 

Jeffrey Epstein & the art school, plus Ghislaine Complains & more Peter Nygard

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The New York Academy of Art is so sick of Lisa and her Epstein questions that she was yelled at today in ALL-CAPS by a publicist. We’ve been sticking our head in some academy records & we will continue to ask for clarity. So what’s any of this got to do with the New York Attorney-General and the IRS? We shall reveal.

Jen talks Caribbean/Finnish/Canadian fashion designer Peter Nygard, who is facing some serious allegations concerning sexual assault. 
Ghislaine, the intern, also crashes the podcast again and more about her legal requests.

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Is this Jeffrey Epstein’s $30,000 Donation to Art Students?

The controversial $30,000 donation made by Jeffrey Epstein to an embattled art school may have been found in taxation archives.

We have located a 2014 grant, described to charity authorities in New York as a “special stipend”, in the New York Academy of Art’s tax return archives.



Is this Jeffrey Epstein’s 2014 donation to The New York Academy of Art?

The money can be seen within the detail of the art school’s declaration to the charities regulator and the amount was divided three ways.

The academy last year acknowledged the donation from the dead sex offender.

Listen: The art school and its Epstein problem

According to the organisation’s lawyer, Jim Walden, the $30k was for student scholarships, and NYAA recently decided an equal amount to a charity that assists survivors of sexual abuse.”

The New York Academy of Art has a long association with Epstein.

Tainted money and tainted donations are matters of controversy in the non profit world. Was Epstein trying to whitewash his criminal record through this support?

Here’s a press release the pedophile put out in 2012 about his support of the academy.

Jeffrey Epstein with Academy chair Eileen Guggenheim at the 2014 Bring Home A Nude event.

The academy denies any wrongdoing and says it regrets letting Epstein attend three events in 2012 and 2014.

Epstein survivor Maria Farmer said she believed the academy and her then-Dean Eileen Guggenheim enabled Maxwell and Epstein in their abuse of her and her sister, Annie.

The academy last month issued a report from its lawyers which cleared it & Guggenheim of wrongdoing but it was criticised for victim-shaming. In July, it upped its ante against Annie and Maria Farmer, who accused them of attempting to “curry favor” with Maxwell and Epstein for years.

Recently uncovered video of Epstein at the academy’s 2014 Tribeca Ball

“Since Epstein’s arrest nearly one 12 months in the past, now we have watched as different establishments with ties to Epstein have engaged in vital self-examination to do an accounting of how their organizations benefited from the predator he was,” Annie stated.

“In sharp distinction, the Academy has gone right into a bunker and sought to guard itself slightly than exploring the necessary questions and points to guard their college students shifting ahead … The Academy is retreating to the drained and insupportable act of sufferer blaming, and it’s flawed at many ranges.”

More: listen to our podcast about Maria Farmer’s allegations

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