Calls for New York Attorney-General to Investigate Epstein-linked Art School

Jeffrey Epstein is greeted by academy chair Eileen Guggenheim in 2014

Update: the New York Attorney General has written to us to say they are assessing our allegations against the academy.

We have written to authorities in New York State and to the US taxation department after an American art school weaponised its resources against an Epstein assault survivor.

Our concern is about the apparent lack of corporate governance on the New York Academy of Art’s (NYAA) board of trustees. It is our belief the school is compromised by conflicts of interest.

The academy has a privileged tax-free status but it has used its own funds to finance lawyers to intimidate the woman, Maria Farmer, who was assaulted by Epstein and his alleged coconspirator Ghislaine Maxwell.

The school was forced to apologise in August for a victim-blaming report it issued about Ms Farmer and her sister, Annie. But Ms Farmer, who has cancer, has not heard anything from the art school.

The NYAA report laid the blame at Ms Farmer’s feet for Epstein’s assault on her teen sister.

“(She) ignored this and the many other red flags, which would have suggested to a reasonable person that introducing her 15-year-old sister to Epstein might end badly,” it read.

So far, four board of trustees have quit the board in disgust due to a report the board supposedly issued attacking the assault survivor. Some of the board members had not seen the report, even though it was supposedly said to have been issued on behalf of the trustees.

Students and alumni are also been voicing their “shame” at the academy’s actions. 

According to ArtNews: “… three members of the academy’s board—Ippolita Rostagno, Alina Lundry, and Valerie Cooper—resigned en masse. Two weeks earlier, the actress Naomi Watts also resigned from the board. Their decisions were a result of the school’s handling of Farmer’s allegations, according to an alum.”

In addition, Mrs Guggenheim’s lawyers were approached by the academy to undertake an investigation into the allegations against the academic.

The resources of the art school were weaponised to attack a former student. Academy funds and resources were put towards protecting a donor and a trustee.

According to Ms Farmer her former dean of school & now head of the board of trustees, Mrs Guggenheim, was alleged to have trafficked students to the pedophile’s New Mexico ranch, a claim the academic disputes.

The school is remaining steadfast in its support of Mrs Guggenheim.

We believe there is a conflict of interest here because she is one of the academy’s highest donors. In 2016, she granted $1.1million to the academy. Her husband, Russell Wilkinson, is a joint donor with Mrs Guggenheim and has sat on the board for many years. 

There’s an anonymous donor matching all donations to the academy’s building fund. This supported cannot be tracked through tax returns or annual reports.

In July, President David Kratz said to ArtNews: “It is time for the school to close the book on this issue,” he says.

“It drained a significant amount of time, energy, and financial resources over the past year that would otherwise have gone to the benefit of our students. Our reputation was assaulted, our staff and faculty were harassed, and, despite having dedicated the past 30 years to helping the school thrive, our board chair was subjected to unfair public attacks. We stand with all victims of abuse and believe their voices should be heard. But, in this case, the academy was not the perpetrator.”



The art school later issued the “profound apology” after four board members, including actress Naomi Watts, resigned in July due to the attack on the whistleblower.

But the academy was until recently unapologetic about its relationship with billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and it still shows him browsing art in an online promotional video. His alleged coconspirator, Ghislaine Maxwell, also attended in 2009 a fundraiser for the academy. Again, thus was after Epstein was convicted. 

An unknown blonde female can be seen viewing art with the now-dead sex abuser at the academy’s 2014 Tribeca Ball. According to the academy, he also donated $30,000 to the school and attended two events that same year. Epstein was also at a 2012 event at the art school, where he was around students.

Epstein, who died last year in jail, was a long-term supporter of the academy and had sat on its board from 1987 to 1994. He was greeted warmly at an event in 2014 by Mrs Guggenheim after he was released in 2011 from a Florida  jail.

The New York Academy of Art has a long association with Epstein.

Two former art students who visited Jeffrey Epstein’s ranch told Artnews they were pressured to play games that involved “sexual objects” with Epstein and his accused co-conspirator, Ghislaine Maxwell when they visited his home.

Ghislaine Maxwell at an academy fundraiser


Farmer told The New York Times that she was introduced to Epstein by Eileen Guggenheim and was pressured to sell him and his associate Maxwell a painting.

She told Artnet that she was reluctant to do so, as she had already sold the work to a buyer in Germany for $12,000, but felt coerced by Guggenheim, who allegedly told her: “You will be selling to them. . . . They are great benefactors of the academy and you are going to make them happy. Do you understand?” Farmer says Guggenheim also told her to give him a discount. 

Epstein allegedly told Farmer that if she sold him the work for half price, he would help her with her career. Soon after her graduation in 1995, Farmer says Guggenheim brought her to Epstein’s New Mexico ranch and told her to “act grateful and tell him how wonderful he is.” 

Upon returning to New York, when she was twenty-five years old, Epstein offered her a job as an art adviser and assistant at his New York townhouse, where she met Donald Trump, among other visitors, and witnessed Maxwell bringing in “nubile” girls for Epstein. 

During one trip that Farmer took to Ohio, where Epstein had an estate, she claims that Epstein and Maxwell groped her. After the incident, Farmer learned that her sister Annie, who was sixteen years old at the time, also had troubling experiences with the couple. On one occasion, they flew her from Arizona to New York, where Annie claims Epstein rubbed and touched her inappropriately. On a separate occasion, they flew Annie out to his ranch in New Mexico for a weekend, where they allegedly massaged and pet the younger Farmer sister and also asked her to massage Epstein.



Ghislaine Maxwell’s Father Wanted to Buy Aussie Newspapers to Annoy Rupert Murdoch

The disgraced media mogul Robert Maxwell wanted to buy a stable of Australian newspapers to aggravate Rupert Murdoch, according to reports.

The Sydney Morning Herald said in 1990s Murdoch and Maxwell were involved in a “now legendary” feud (see below) and he wanted to beat the Aussie-born baron on his home turf.

The Former Prime Minister of Australia, Paul Keating, also sent Ghislaine Maxwell’s colourful father “packing” when he tried to buy in the 1980s and 1990s Aussie newspapers.

The story of Robert Maxwell Down Under reads like an an old-school media magnate roll-call – Kerry Packer, Alan Bond, Robert Holmes A Court, Canadian Conrad Black, and Warwick Fairfax.

Maxwell made bids for The Age and The West Australian newspapers and considered buying the Fairfax media stable. But the move was resisted by Keating under foreign investment laws.

And just like his daughter, everyone knew the suspected Mossad spy was disreputable. He was described by one journalist as a “blowhard and a swindler.” (See below, source The Sydney Morning Herald)

Maxwell owned several publishing assets in Australia – Pergamon and PanMacmillan. He also had an office for Maxwell Communications Corporations in Melbourne.

After the disgraced publisher died in 1991, it was reported Ghislaine brought in 1995 Jeffrey Epstein to holiday in Melbourne and Sydney.

But his bids for the Fairfax media stable and The West Australian faced opposition from journalists and government.

Maxwell had a joint venture with the ill-fated Bell Publishing, an arm of Bell Corp.

Ghislaine Complains About Jail & Alan Dershowitz & Les Wexner’s Court Brawl

Listen to the podcast Today we have a massive amount of news. Firstly, Ghislaine Maxwell has been complaining about her accommodation. She thinks she is at The Four Seasons and because she’s a rich, white lady she has lawyers to write letters about her jail experience.

Plus it’s Epstein’s lawyer v Epstein’s boss in court.

Lisa has also been going back in time in newspaper archives searching for information about Ghislaine and her family. 

We also update you on the Nygard alleged sex abuse case and someone drops in on our recording.

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It’s like shooting fish in a barrel looking for pictures of Epstein & Maxwell at The New York Academy of Art

Epstein and Maxwell were enthusiastic supporters of student art if their appearances at The New York Academy of Art are any indication.

As well, Epstein was on the board of the school from 1987 to 1994, but there’s nothing to see here, as the academy tells us.

So here’s another photo of Ghislaine Maxwell (above) at The New York Academy of Art.

Next we have a photo (see below) from The Daily News circa 1997 with Ghislaine again at the academy. We think she just likes art.

The next time we see Ghislaine at the New York Academy of Art is in print in this undated piece in Woman’s Wear Daily.

The evening was “was nearly bursting at the seams”, as Eileen Guggenheim put it during the TriBeCa art school’s Tribeca Ball.

The evening’s theme was a tribute to artists and their muses, with guests like Andre Balazs, John McEnroe, Kim Heirston, Marjorie Gubelmann and Ghislaine Maxwell walking through four floors of galleries to watch academy students sketching nude models and bidding on a lithograph taken from a watercolor by the Prince of Wales. 

Poor Brooke Shields, who is on the board of trustees of the art academy, has been caught up in one of Ghislaine’s infamous photobombs. We are not sure if this was at an academy event or elsewhere.

Read on

The New York Academy of Art, the Mystery Donor & Jeffrey Epstein

New information from the New York Academy of Art throws more light over the school’s refusal to heed calls for its board chairperson, Eileen Guggenheim, to resign due to her links to pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

The school is steadfast in its support of Mrs Guggenheim, a top donor, longtime supporter and former employee of the academy. Mrs Guggenheim and her husband razor blade heir Russell Wilkinson donated in 2016 $1million to the academy for renovations.

According to the school’s annual report for that year, the couple also donated an additional $100,000.

Also of note is an anonymous supporter who is matching all donations of up to $1million to the renovation fund.

Epstein survivor Maria Farmer alleged her former dean of school & now head of the board, Mrs Guggenheim, was alleged to have trafficked students to the pedophile’s New Mexico ranch, a claim the academic disputes.

Ms Farmer and another former art student visited Jeffrey Epstein’s ranch with Guggenheim in the ‘90s said they were pressured to play games that involved “sexual objects” with Epstein and his accused co-conspirator, Ghislaine Maxwell.

The survivor, the first to report the Epstein sex abuse and trafficking operation to the FBI, was in July the subject of a vicious attack by the academy’s lawyers. They claimed she was the cause of her sister’s assault by Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell.

The report said the survivor “ignored this and the many other red flags, which would have suggested to a reasonable person that introducing her 15-year-old sister to Epstein might end badly.”

Following resignation of four art school directors , the organisation issued in August “a profound apology.”

At the centre of the allegations is Mrs Guggenheim.

The academy apologised in August for a victim-blaming report it issued about Ms Farmer on the day before Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested.

But Ms Farmer says they haven’t apologised directly to her. 

The academy in July asked Guggenheim to retain her position as chair of the board of trustees.

In July, President David Kratz said to ArtNews: “It is time for the school to close the book on this issue,” he says. (Editor’s note: Not bloody likely, mate.)

Billionaire Aussie Trucking Magnate Hosted Ghislaine Maxwell & Jeffrey Epstein on Sydney Harbour

Update: survivor Virginia Roberts has shared what Jeffrey Epstein told her about his visit to Australia.

The family behind the Lindsay Fox trucking empire once hosted Ghislaine Maxwell and her then-beau Jeffrey Epstein during a visit to Australia, according to a report from the 1990s.

The couple was treated to a harbour cruise on the company’s 100ft yacht during the NSW leg of their December 1995 trip, according an article from The Sydney Morning Herald archive.

Source: The Sydney Morning Herald

The newspaper observed the party was “one of the most coveted Christmas invitations in Sydney. This may have something to do with the guests of honour.”

Maxwell and Epstein had also stopped off in Melbourne to spend more time with patriarch Lindsay Fox and his family.

The article describes “millionaire” Epstein as: “a property developer, who is given to zipping around Manhattan in a Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit.”

His then-girlfriend is “the beautiful, feisty daughter of the late disgraced media baron Robert Maxwell.”

We wonder if they crossed paths with Lindsay’s son, Peter? He is in the media for managing to get approval to move his family from Victoria to Queensland.

Mr Fox (junior) is the executive chairman of Linfox Logistics and his family is staying on the Gold Coast after persuading the Queensland government he drives trucks, which entitles him to an exemption from the state’s ban on Victorian visitors.

Now back to the 1995 trip to Australia, a source questioned taking Ghislaine on a boat cruise because her father was found drowned near his yacht The Lady Ghislaine.

“You can’t visit Sydney and not go out on the harbour – it’s like going to Paris and avoiding the Eiffel Tower,” a source told the newspaper.

The guest list included the disgraced financier Rodney Adler and billionaire James Packer.

Epstein survivor Maria Farmer had told us earlier this year the two alleged coconspirators had taken a trip to Australia in the mid-1990s. We just needed to find the details.

What was Epstein really doing there?