Epstein’s Women Enablers Live Seemingly Normal Lives but Are They Capable of Evil?

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We’ve all thought about it – what were Epstein’s core staff of female recruiters/administrators thinking when they sent girls and young women upstairs to be abused by him?

Court documents and witness testimony reveal that women had significant roles in the Epstein criminal conspiracy. Just think of Lesley Groff tapping away on her laptop at Pervert’s townhouse. In my opinion, the face of evil is pretty bland. It’s a football mum, a wife, a fan of Texas-themed parties and a sister. Or Sarah Kellen coordinating the logistics of the Palm Beach enterprise.

Journalist Hannah Arendt covered the trial of Nazi henchman Adolph Eichmann. She observed him to be an ordinary, rather bland, bureaucrat, who in her words, was ‘neither perverted nor sadistic’, but ‘terrifyingly normal’. He acted without any motive other than to diligently advance his career in the Nazi bureaucracy, she said.
“Eichmann was not an amoral monster, she concluded in her study of the case, Eichmann in Jerusalem: A Report on the Banality of Evil (1963). Instead, he performed evil deeds without evil intentions, a fact connected to his ‘thoughtlessness’, a disengagement from the reality of his evil acts.”

(I’m not saying anyone in this case is a Nazi or a mass murderer)


There is another book coming about Prince Andrew and the author is promising headlines. At the same time, he’s been summoned to a “crisis” meeting with the Queen.

Fergie keeps trying to help Andrew’s image

Here’s our video of “Ghislaine” and our new apparel inspired by our haters on Twitter.

Was Groff working for Epstein in 2017? We think so. Plus we have a book out about Epstein’s Other Women. Buy it here now. 

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