Trouble for Ghislaine Maxwell as Epstein Associates Feel the Blowtorch of Justice

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Epstein Assistant Lesley Groff (far left) in a photo taken on a Disney Cruise

In the latest developments in the Jeffrey Epstein criminal conspiracy:

One of Epstein’s accusers is going after Ghislaine Maxwell in a civil court case.

Lesley Groff and Eva and Glenn Dubin are facing a Call for Documents about Epstein & the US Virgin Islands…plus what’s this about a 15 year old Swedish nanny? The VI attorney-general is not backing down. 🍿

Why did a Republican give a Democrat from the US Virgin Islands a $2600 donation?

Who also has two custom-built homes? Dances on bars with her mother and goes on Disney-cruises?

Prince Andrew is facing yet another public ban.

Epstein’s model agency pal is complaining about his harsh media coverage. We offer him zero sympathy.

Plus Epstein’s other jet is for sale. 

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