Is Ghislaine Maxwell’s Legal Team Leaking Photos to the Media?

Is this Ghislaine Maxwell’s Yorkshire Terrier Max?

We think we’ve solved a mystery! Today we had a Facebook Live session with our Prince & the Pervert Podcast group due to The Daily Mail’s latest Epstein scoop.

The newspaper had come across new images of Jeffrey Epstein relaxing on his Caribbean island. They also included his assistant Sarah Kellen on the back of a jet ski piloted by the pedophile. There were also shots of his alleged “sex slave” turned pilot Nadia Marcinko.

But who was missing? Where is Ghislaine? Our podcaster Jen thought Ghislaine was the photographer because she was rarely without a camera and always close to Epstein’s side. Jen thinks the photos are being leaked By her lawyers to the media to put pressure on Kellen and Marcinko.

The photographer who took these images had access to the main building on the island, its cabanas and its grounds. In one of the images, you can see a woman and a dog walking in a courtyard.
Did you say dog? Yes! A dog! Is this one a Yorkshire terrier? Looks like it!

Is this Ghislaine Maxwell’s terrier Max? Who is Max?


This is how our theory came about. It starts at around four minutes.

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