Epstein Confidants Lesley Groff and Sarah Kellen Live It Up

Lesley Groff and Sarah Kellen Vickers, Ghislaine Maxwell’s alleged lieutenants, were living it up this weekend, according to sources.

Epstein secret keeper Lesley Groff

Lesley Groff Sarah Kellen Vickers – two long-term Jeffrey Epstein employees, were noticed separately in New York City & Colorado.

Lesley was at a bar with her family and Sarah was eating ice-cream in trendy Soho.

Why are they not rocking in corner from the stress like we would be? Do they know something that we don’t? 

Who is Lesley Groff?

Who is Sarah Kellen Vickers?

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The Prince and the Pervert Podcast is also asking another government department for Epstein information. This week it’s the justice department in Florida.

To date, we’ve written to the IRS, the NY Charities Commission and the US AG Virgin Islands.

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Sarah Kellen

This is the true story of this global criminal conspiracy has victimised thousands of children and women.

Our Prince and the Pervert Podcast is a global criminal conspiracy, a prince, socialite, billionaire who may or may not have been murdered.

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And what do his connections to foreign governments mean for American national security? 

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