Is Celebrity Chef Adam Perry-Lang Saying Epstein Survivor is Lying?

Jeffrey Epstein chef Adam Perry-Lang claims he is helping law enforcement but also says he knows nothing of the dead pedophile’s sex abuse because he “spent my time in the kitchen.”

The Daily Beast ran this statement yesterday from Mr Perry-Lang, who is now one of Hollywood’s hottest chefs.

Adam Perry Lang’s statement about Jeffrey Epstein

According to The Daily Beast, Lang’s attorney, Lawrence Lustberg, said the chef was cooperating with the New York prosecutors investigating Epstein’s sex ring.

Lustberg also said he contacted Giuffre’s attorney in early March and offered Mr Perry-Lang’s assistance, but a conversation has yet to be scheduled.

“Meanwhile, Mr. Lang has begun a course of fully cooperating with the federal authorities investigating this case,” Lustberg told The Daily Beast. “He, like them and like the victims, wants only that justice be done.”

The comments followed a visit to Mr Perry-Lang’s restaurant by Epstein Virginia Roberts Guiffre and a journalist from the Broken podcast. The chef ignored their requests to speak to him, even when they were inside dining at his restaurant, APL.

“I want to give him the opportunity. I want to appeal to his better nature,” Ms Roberts Guifree said.

In a letter to the chef, she wrote: “I’m not here to ruin your life.”

He didn’t respond to the survivor’s lawyers appeal for help in 2014 as well as another letter she wrote before the scandal blew up.

The chef, who is entertainer Jimmy Kimmel best’s friend, says he had no knowledge of “depraved behaviour.”

Ms Roberts Giuffre says Perry-Lang had seen her and other girls without clothes.

He worked for Epstein in the early 2000s in Palm Beach, New York, New Mexico and the US Virgin Islands. Mr Perry-Lang is also listed multiple times on flight logs for Epstein’s jets.

The survivor said he used to make her pizza because Epstein essentially starved the girls to keep them looking pre-pubescent.

But he continues to deny knowing anything about the abuse.

Statement to The Daily Beast

Is Ghislaine Maxwell’s Legal Team Leaking Photos to the Media?

Is this Ghislaine Maxwell’s Yorkshire Terrier Max?

We think we’ve solved a mystery! Today we had a Facebook Live session with our Prince & the Pervert Podcast group due to The Daily Mail’s latest Epstein scoop.

The newspaper had come across new images of Jeffrey Epstein relaxing on his Caribbean island. They also included his assistant Sarah Kellen on the back of a jet ski piloted by the pedophile. There were also shots of his alleged “sex slave” turned pilot Nadia Marcinko.

But who was missing? Where is Ghislaine? Our podcaster Jen thought Ghislaine was the photographer because she was rarely without a camera and always close to Epstein’s side. Jen thinks the photos are being leaked By her lawyers to the media to put pressure on Kellen and Marcinko.

The photographer who took these images had access to the main building on the island, its cabanas and its grounds. In one of the images, you can see a woman and a dog walking in a courtyard.
Did you say dog? Yes! A dog! Is this one a Yorkshire terrier? Looks like it!

Is this Ghislaine Maxwell’s terrier Max? Who is Max?


This is how our theory came about. It starts at around four minutes.

Jeffrey Epstein’s Other Women


From the journalists behind The Prince & the Pervert Podcast, comes a book which focuses on the women behind Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell. 

Epstein, the money man, ran his sex trafficking operation like it was a McDonald’s franchise. He needed logistics, human resources and financial systems in place. 

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Survivor Virginia Roberts Guiffre has described his operation as a “pyramid scheme.” Epstein demanded a constant stream of new girls and young women. Other females were on hand to support and enable his perversions and his bribery operation. 

The dead pedophile told The New York Times his assistants “can pick up the stresses in one of my trader’s voices and put the call right through; that can save me hundreds of thousands of dollars.”
Court documents and witness testimony reveal that women had significant roles in the Epstein criminal conspiracy.

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Trouble for Ghislaine Maxwell as Epstein Associates Feel the Blowtorch of Justice

Listen to the podcast here

Epstein Assistant Lesley Groff (far left) in a photo taken on a Disney Cruise

In the latest developments in the Jeffrey Epstein criminal conspiracy:

One of Epstein’s accusers is going after Ghislaine Maxwell in a civil court case.

Lesley Groff and Eva and Glenn Dubin are facing a Call for Documents about Epstein & the US Virgin Islands…plus what’s this about a 15 year old Swedish nanny? The VI attorney-general is not backing down. 🍿

Why did a Republican give a Democrat from the US Virgin Islands a $2600 donation?

Who also has two custom-built homes? Dances on bars with her mother and goes on Disney-cruises?

Prince Andrew is facing yet another public ban.

Epstein’s model agency pal is complaining about his harsh media coverage. We offer him zero sympathy.

Plus Epstein’s other jet is for sale. 

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