Jeffrey Epstein’s Pilot Larry Visoski

Who is Pilot Larry Visoski and his offsider David Rogers?

Jeffrey Epstein’s Pilot

Pilot Larry Visoski: What do we know of the men who worked for Epstein for more than 20 years?

Jeffrey Epstein’s Pilot: Known as Captain Bigdawg, by Epstein from the Zorro Ranch Estate in New Mexico.  Despite Epstein’s death he refuses to help survivors.

For years, Pilot Larry Visoski flew VIPs such as President Bill Clinton, model Naomi Campbell, actor Kevin Spacey and Prince Andrew on the Epstein planes.

But to date we have learned little about Pilot Larry Visoski and Jeffrey Epstein.

Epstein Pilot Larry Visoski
Larry Visoski walks daughter down the aisle at Zorro.

Pilot Larry Visoski

As well, he says in depositions he wasn’t aware of any minors ever being on the pedophile’s planes.

This is despite being deposed in court in 2008 by Florida survivors’ lawyer Brad Edwards.

Epstein whistleblower Virginia Roberts Giuffre turned up virtually on his front doorstep.

The shocking story of Epstein’s pilot

On the occasion in 2020, he refused to speak to the survivor. He hung up his intercom when asked by Ms Giuffre to help with information about her time with Epstein.

“You have the black and white evidence,” she told him.

Ms Giufree said on the Broken podcast: “Larry Visoski had wealth of knowledge about Jeffrey Epstein and that’s why he was treated well. Larry Visosky always kept his mouth shut.”

In his deposition, Mr Visoski said he remembered Ms Giufree being on one of the Epstein planes. But he had no recollection of her going to the cockpit, and he didn’t know Virginia was a minor.

Pilot Larry Visoski

As well, he says he isn’t aware of any minors ever being on the pedophile’s planes.

Ms Giufree states has been in the cockpit and claims she met the pilot on a Florida to New York flight in the early 2000s.

Deposed in 2008, the pilot’s testimony was declared useless, according to lawyer Brad Edwards.

According to Edwards, Mr Visoski was evasive and didn’t seem to remember much at all.

It was also revealed Epstein had been paying for the pilot’s lawyers.

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