Epstein Sisters | Michelle Healy & Shannon Healy

Who are Michelle Healy & Shannon Healy? Who is Dr Tom Pascuzzi? And what do they all have to do with Jeffrey Epstein?

Michelle Healy & Shannon Healy: We didn’t hear a lot about the sisters who worked at Epstein’s Zorro Ranch until Michelle testified for Ghislaine Maxwell at her sex trafficking trial.

Michelle (now known as Michelle Tatum) , who worked at Epstein’s New York office from 1996 to 1999, said he and Maxwell were her bosses.

“She’s fantastic,” Healy said of Maxwell. “She taught me a lot. I respected her. She was tough, but she was great.”

Michelle Healy & Shannon Healy Listen to the Zorro sisters podcast

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Michelle Healy Tatum leaves the court in New York City

Episode Transcript: There were so many people working for Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell, including sisters Michelle and Shannon Healy.

One of them married a doctor who lived with them on Jeffrey Epstein’s Zorro Ranch in New Mexico.

Jen Tarran: I’d like to introduce you all to Shannon Healy, born in 1971 and her little sister, Michelle Healy, who was born a few years later in 1974.

They grew up in Port Jefferson station, New York. They’re still close on Facebook to a lot of their old schoolmates.

Now their parents have divorced but mama Cheryl has moved closer to them. Her number was in Jeffrey Epstein’s little black book.

They all ended up in living in New Mexico by the late-2000s.

Who are Michelle & Shannon Healy? Who is Dr Tom Pascuzzi? And what do they all have to do with Jeffrey Epstein?
Shannon Healy in Epstein’s address book.

Okay, so now both live in Albuquerque as does mom Cheryl.

Michelle Healy & Shannon Healy

Now they have both, interestingly enough, lived in various locations and homes, apartments owned by Epstein.

So I’ve found Shannon was living in around 1993 in New York, 19 West 69th Street, New York. And then Michelle, the little sister joined her in about 1995 when they move to 156 East 34th Street.

So it’s around this timeframe that Shannon, the oldest sister started working for Epstein.

Michelle may have stated later but she’s listed in 1998 as a witness on an Epstein property transaction.

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Shannon was working for Epstein as a receptionist at the Helmsley palace offices in New York. Now, interesting enough, those offices were originally rented by Epstein’s business partner, Steven Hoffenberg.

So we know that Shannon Healy, the eldest was already working for Epstein in ‘96. So tracking Shannon’s addresses, we find she was in New Mexico, California, Palm Beach, New York, back and forth, back and forth. Now the earliest mention Oh, and the Virgin Islands.

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Oh, really. And I can track her on flights to the Virgin Islands. Now. For Shannon, the earliest New Mexico address I can find 1997 p o box at Moratti New Mexico, which is about 12 miles from Stanley near Zorro Ranch. 

So how long she worked for Epstein isn’t known. I don’t know when she ended or when she started. And the flight logs because it’s so incomplete and there’s only a tiny fraction had been thrown out for public scrutiny. That doesn’t really give you a clue either.

Shannon Healy Tom Pascuzzi entries in Epstein’s address book

But in 2008, she lived at 457 Madison Avenue, New York, however, she and her husband, Dr Tom Pascuzzi had already bought a house in 2001 in New Mexico. The husband will come into this later he was also in the black book, another romance and marriage to do with Epstein.

Michelle Healy Shannon Healy Dr Tom Pascuzzi
Source: Researcher Agent Hades on Twitter. First Photo: Shannon Healy and Tom Pascuzzi

Epstein owned several apartments in that complex apparently.

Now, there is a 2008 stint where she apparently was at Madison Avenue in New York.

Her name is in the black book as working on the ranch. The phone number that comes up from searching her on other sites is that of the main Zorro Ranch office number line one.

Now Agent Hades on Twitter had bought up Shannon’s trips on the plane. But that was based on Shannon Healy being written in full on those logs.

Michelle Healy

I also found many appearances of her initials.

As a result, I went through & couldn’t find any other employees that I know of with her initials.

So we’re assuming that it is Shannon we’re talking about but it does make sense with the timelines that we’re dealing with. So I’ll stick those up on Twitter and the website.

But if there is another SH staff member, that it could be, give us a yell.

Shannon Healy in the flight log archive

Yes. Okay. Her name is in the black book as working in Zorro ranch. The phone number that comes up from searching her on other sites is that of the main Zorro ranch office number line one.

Epstein Ranch

And it’s interesting when there was a cross country trip back and forth, and back and forth over a week or so.

She’s listed on many of the records but they missing from one but then she pops up again on the next, unless she’s driving from Palm Beach to New York in a day.

Michelle Healy & Shannon Healy

Michelle Healy

She caught that plane, but her name wasn’t added to the logs. So from the logs that we had, on July to 2003. She went from JFK to Palm Beach.

Now she was on there with Sarah Kellen and Jeffrey Epstein.

Interesting. July 7, flight she’s missing. And that was from Palm Beach back to New York, with Jeffrey and a whole heap of extra people that he picked up as well.

Then July 11, from New York back to Palm Beach. She’s on there with Jeffrey. So that’s july two, she went to Palm Beach.

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On July 7, instinct took off back to New York, that on July 11, when he returned from New York going back to Palm Beach.

Michelle Healy & Shannon Healy

She was on that flight, July 14, Palm Beach back to New York. So back and forth, back and forth in two weeks. Then, August 31, Palm Beach, to New York.

So there’s another flight missing. There’s so many flights missing from these logs.

Then September 22, in 2003, from Palm Beach International Airport, to the Virgin Islands with Nadia and Sarah Kellen.

And Jeffrey, what’s missing on the logs again, is the return from the Virgin Islands back so we don’t know when she came back.

However, on October 7, she goes from Massachusetts Bedford, Oh, what? Yes, back to New York. And it was just her and Jeffrey. So of course missing flights again.

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